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Endurance icon
Health, resistance to pain and ability to carry on. This trait is what mostly defines your hit points, so it is essential to survive.
― In-game description

Endurance (END) is a trait that is useful for everyone, due to the extra hit points and hit point/level bonus. This trait is also taken by those on Iron Man difficulty to increase survivability.

Endurance Benefits

Benefits Relationship to other Traits
Each point of END grants +5 vs. toxic damage Unique
Each point of END grants +5 base hit points Unique
Each point of END grants +1 hit point/level Better than Strength
Endurance score In-game message
0 Definitely, you need some training.
1 You're not entirely out of shape.
2 You're able to endure a lot and keep going.
3 Your ability to not-die is becoming better and better.
4 You could challenge an orc to a drinking contest.
5 You're a complete iron-man, all but unkillable.

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