Epic Omelette

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Epic Omelette
Words can't describe the taste. Having one is equivalent to a six hour rest at the inn.
― In-game text


A master chef can work wonders with the best ingredients. Ronaëf can cook this brilliant dish with 3 of your Vorator Eggs and the fine Jabal potatoes and Ilmaran onions he has available in his royal kitchen.

Eating it will restore half of your hp, mana and uses of your recovery button. A highly powerful consumable that almost acts like a pop-up inn to take on your travels.

This is a Crafted item, obtainable as a rare drop or by the player interacting with certain NPCs.




Group Stackable Value CostEffectEffect Amount
Potion 125 500Recover HP, MP and Recovery button50% of total


  • The Epic Omelette is the only non-stackable potion in the game.