Experience Points

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Earning XP

Enemy XP table (1.0.1024)
LevelBase XPMiniboss XPBoss XP

Experience Points (XP) are needed to evolve your character, which will raise his or her Level when reaching a specific threshold (indicated by the yellow bar beneath your character's portrait). They can be earned through various actions in the game:

  • Killing Enemies: The main method of gaining XP is by killing Enemies. The specific type of creature is irrelevant, as only its level and whether it's categorized as boss or miniboss determines the amount of XP gained (see table to the right). Note that there are some areas (like the Deadwood) in which enemies respawn at a constant rate. In those cases only the first "population" of monsters provides the full XP, with each respawned one only a minimal amount.
  • Solving Quests: For successfully solving a Quest a certain amount of XP is granted, usually depending on its difficulty or importance for the main story. Note that some quests have more than one solution or outcome, thus granting different amounts of XP, depending on the chosen path.
  • Disarming Traps: Similar to enemies, every Trap in the game has a certain level and provides the corresponding XP when successfully being disarmed. This method is particularly useful for characters with high values of Perception (for finding traps) and Disarm Devices (for disabling them).
  • Learning Things: There are some occasions in the game where simply talking to an NPC or reading a book will grant XP, because you learn something important. A good source of information in this regard are all the Priests of The Three out there, who are more than willing to share their knowledge with you.


If you have recruited a permanent Companion (not to be confused with hired mercenaries or summoned creatures), the amount of XP earned from any of the actions described above is reduced to 80% of the original value. However, your companion will also receive some XP, namely 70% of your (already reduced) value (i.e. 56% of the original value). For example, if the solution of a quest grants 1000 XP when playing solo, you and your companion will receive 800 XP and 560 XP, respectively, when traveling together.

When a companion is recruited for the first time, he/she starts with half of your current XP. If a companion is dismissed and recruited again at some later time, his/her experience is again raised to half of your current XP should it have dropped below. This allows for switching between different companions without sacrificing too many XP.

XP bonuses

There are various means in the game to increase the amount of XP earned. This may be achieved permanently by raising your Intellect or wearing special equipment with the Attribute Wisdom, or temporarily through scrolls (e.g. Scroll of Wisdom) or donations at Shrines. Note that permanent XP boosts do stack with other bonuses, but only one temporary bonus can be active at a time, namely the most recent one.

If you travel with a companion, XP bonuses are applied separately for both of you. Considering the example above and assuming that you and your companion have XP boosts of 15% and 10%, respectively, the actual XP granted for solving the quest will be 0.8 x 1.15 x 1000 = 920 and 0.56 x 1.1 x 1000 = 616, respectively.