Extra Recovery

Extra Recovery

You gain extra uses of the recovery button per day.
― In-game text

Increase your stamina to increase the amount of wounds you can incur before needing to rest in a bed. Helps any adventurer exploring deeper and more dangerous caves.


War Rog Cle Mag

This is a general skill.


Level Effect Cost
1 Gain +1 recovery/day 3
2 Gain +2 recovery/day 3

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances


This skill requires a big skill point investment (3 points per level, for a grand total of 6 points if you max the skill out). While the cost of maxing out the skill will likely seem too expensive, some players (especially Warriors and Rogues without any healing skills other than this one) may find having level 1 in this skill may be helpful in surviving some of the more difficult dungeons later in the game.