Eye of the Tiger

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Side Quest: Eye of the Tiger
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Starting Location
Given By
Turn in ingredients:
Potion of Heroism ♦ 400 XP ♦ Mallow will make the Potion of Heroism for you

Show him a Corrupted Sabercat Eye
Mallow will make the Potion of the Tragic Hero for you.

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Eye of the Tiger is a quest given to you by Mallow at Nivarian.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 67 - Completable

The skilled potion maker Mallow was betrayed by his former supplier of rare ingredients and his business has come to an end ever since. He needs your help to revive it.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Mallow in Nivarian.
  2. Collect 2 Sabercat Eyes (e.g. in Nivar Wetlands or the Great Plains).
  3. Collect a Red Orchid (found near Kingsbridge).
  4. Return to Mallow to collect your reward.
  5. (After finishing the quest) You can show him a Corrupted Sabercat Eye and he will be able to craft the Potion of the Tragic Hero (with a Blue Orchid).


NivarianSabercat Eye x2 ➔ Red OrchidNivarian

Detailed Walkthrough

Maybe the hardest part of this quest is to find Mallow in the first place, as he lingers somewhat hidden in a small garden near Trader Hardin. Talking to Mallow reveals that he used to be a famous potion maker, but was betrayed by a man named Tagean, his former supplier of exotic ingredients. Tagean stole all his money and thus ruined his business. Mallow asks you to bring him 2 Sabercat Eyes and one Red Orchid so he can start making potions again.

Collecting Sabercat Eyes shouldn't be much of a problem since Sabercats are abundant in the nearby Nivar Wetlands or Great Plains. Just hunt them down until two eyes drop. Red Orchids can be found on the shores of the Bluemist River near Kingsbridge. The fastest way to get there is by boat. However, Boatman Cleon will only provide transportation if your reputation is friendly in Ilmara. Otherwise, you have to make the trip by foot. Collect one orchid and make your way back to Nivarian.

Hand the ingredients over to Mallow and he will happily reward you with a Potion of Heroism. From now on he will be able to make another if you bring him more Sabercat Eyes and Red Orchids plus 200 gold per potion.

Following the quest you can show him a Corrupted Sabercat Eye. The item will allow him to craft an ancient potion known as the Potion of the Tragic Hero. It is a more potent version of the Potion of Heroism, but highly poisonous.

Quest Rewards

Turn in ingredients:


Show him a Corrupted Sabercat Eye


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