Find Constanze

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Side Quest: Find Constanze
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Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Free Constanze:
Margerithe opens her shop ♦ Choice of: Shortsword of Frost | Ring of the Elements ♦ 300 XP
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Find Constanze is a quest given to you by Margerithe at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 7 - Completable

Constanze went south to New Garand to buy herbs. Her mother, Margerithe, now worries something horrible may have happened to her. She is asking any capable adventurer to help locate any sign of her daughter. Until then, her shop will be closed.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Margerithe about her missing daughter.
  2. Head to the Bandit Hideout.
  3. Locate Constanze in her cell.
  4. Free Constanze.
  5. Return to Margerithe.


Kingsbridge (City)Bandit HideoutMargerithe

Detailed Walkthrough

Upon entering Kingsbridge for the first time, you will notice there is no available Alchemy shop. The owner of the shop, Margerithe, has closed the shop because her daughter has gone missing. Recently, Constanze left to travel to New Garand to buy herbs needed for potion making. When she did not return on schedule, Margerithe began to feel something bad had happened. Agree to look for her daughter, or at least any sign of where she might be.

It turns out Constanze was kidnapped by a group of bandits operating out of a cave, known as Bandit Hideout. To find it, leave Kingsbridge to the east and follow the road until you are on the eastern side of the rocks. The hideout is tucked away in the corner to the north if you follow the ridge.

As you would expect, Bandits and traps are the main threat here. At the first fork, going east leads to a dead end with a chest, so head west. As you enter the next open area, you will see a lever in the corner. This lever operates the door of a cage holding two Dire Wolves. The wolves will be aggressive towards any nearby bandits, so they can be a useful tool until you have to deal with them. Inside the cage is a body with good loot. If you leave the cage closed and don't kill the wolves with a ranged attack, they will prevent any use of restore.

Once that's dealt with, beware a spike trap in the middle of the room, and the pack of bandits lying in wait to the north. Handle them as you see fit, then cross the trapped bridge. Continue north through the door, dispatching a few more bandits. At the end of the hall is another pack of bandits and four doors. East leads to a chest, west leads deeper into the hideout, so explore what you will. The northwest door is a cell with a lootable corpse and the northeast door is where Constanze is being held.

Free her and you can now return to town. Margerithe will be overjoyed her daughter is alive and well, and offer you a choice of reward, either a sword or a ring. Make your pick, gain reputation, and with the quest finished Margerithe's store will be open for business.


Quest Rewards

Free Constanze:



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  • Gossip will mention seeing a girl taken on the road by bandits into a cave.