Flames of Faith

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Flames of Faith

In a 3m area around you enemies are burned with spiritual flames and allies healed. It lasts 6 seconds and has no effect on you.
― In-game text

Description needed


War Rog Cle Mag

This is an advanced skill, learned from: Bishop Bareid; Archbishop Dilla

Prerequisites: Sacred Fire 3; The Three membership


Level Effect Cost CooldownMana
1 Each second, flames heal allies for 5hp and burn enemies for 8 Spirit damage 1 30


2 Each second, flames heal allies for 8hp and burn enemies for 15 Spirit damage 2 30 25
3 Each second, flames heal allies for 10hp and burn enemies for 21 Spirit damage 3 30 35

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances