Flesh is Weak

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Side Quest: Flesh is Weak
Flesh is Weak.png
Starting Location
Lannegar (City)
Given By
Brother Janus
Turn in 3 Zombie Flesh:
Potion of Light Healing ♦ 70 XP
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Flesh is Weak is a quest given to you by Brother Janus at Lannegar (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 24 - Completable

Brother Janus, a priest of The Three, would like three pieces of Zombie Flesh brought to him from the Ydaya Tomb. He plans to send them off to Ilmara for further study.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Brother Janus.
  2. Head south of town to the Ydaya Tomb.
  3. Kill Zombies until 3 pieces of Zombie Flesh drop.
  4. Return to Brother Janus for the reward.


Lannegar (City)Ydaya TombBrother Janus

Detailed Walkthrough

Brother Janus is Lannegar's priest of The Three. His altar is located near the Townhall. You can ask him about The Three to gain 20 XP. Asking about work leads him to tell you of the Zombies located in Ydaya Tomb south of town. Claiming the nature of zombies would prevent a complete extermination, he simply requires you bring him 3 pieces of Zombie Flesh. Hopefully being able to study their flesh will provide insights on how to better handle the threat.

Your goal is at the southwest corner of the Lannegar Valley. Outside the tomb, you will meet Anton Gerdt, a Loreseeker who gives you the Forgotten Lore quest. Continue down into the tomb.

As you explore the tomb, you will battle numerous Zombies. Their flesh has a high drop rate, so keep your eyes peeled and you should have your three pieces shortly.


Quest Rewards

Turn in 3 Zombie Flesh:



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