Forgotten Lore

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Side Quest: Forgotten Lore
Forgotten Lore.png
Starting Location
Lannegar Valley
Given By
Anton Gerdt
Find Hendrick's Journal:
200 Gold

Find Zaniel's Journal:
300 Gold ♦ 300 XP

Rescue Riella:
1,000 Gold ♦ 500 XP

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Forgotten Lore is a quest given to you by Anton Gerdt at Lannegar Valley.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 6 - Completable

Loreseeker Anton Gerdt has been sent out by the Grandmaster to investigate the disappearance of a few members. Anton is not the most heroic Loreseeker and needs help accomplishing his mission.

Quest Steps

  1. Locate Anton outside Ydaya Tomb.
  2. Find Hendrick's corpse.
  3. Seek out Anton in Kingsbridge.
  4. Find Zaniel's body and collect Zaniel's Journal
  5. Return to Anton.
  6. Rescue Riella.
  7. Meet with Anton in the The Great Library.


Lannegar ValleyYdaya TombNayau TombAnton Gerdt

Detailed Walkthrough

You first encounter Anton Gerdt outside the Ydaya Tomb in Lannegar Valley. Anton is a Loreseeker currently traveling the kingdom in an attempt to find a few missing comrades. He begins by asking you to brave the tomb and relay to him anything you find about his friend. During this conversation, there is an Intellect 1 check that when passed will gain the player a Scroll of Detection. He will await word in Kingsbridge.

Head down into tomb and south to the central tomb. Going west will lead to a dead end with some undead, a few loot containers, and a secret room. Out goal lies to the west, so head that way, through another room, and west again. You are now on a walkway that leads south into a crowded room. Thin the crowd, loot the chest, and move east through the door. Inside are a few more undead to deal with, but you get to loot two sarcophagi. At the end of the room, you will find the corpse of poor Hendrick, the lost Loreseeker. Take his journal as proof and head back to the exit.

Make your way south to Southern Bluemist River and then east to Kingsbridge. Follow the road into the city, where you meet Anton waiting by the bridge. After getting your reward of 200 gold, speak with Anton again for information about another missing Loreseeker. Her name is Zaniel and went missing a year ago researching local legends around Kingsbridge. Gossip at the inns will reveal that a Loreseeker went into the Deadwood but never returned. Sounds like a good place to start.

Leave out the southern exit, and head west into the Deadwood. Nothing but undead roam the woods, so be prepared to take some dark damage. It gets better. The woods form a sort of maze, and the undeads can come respawn quickly, so don't think you have a clear path behind you. Starting at the entrance from Kingsbridge, head south along the tree line until you find a gap. Now travel southwest until you pass through another gap. Now go north a ways until the trees allow you to travel west. Here you should see a corpse on the ground to the west. You will know its Zaniel when you find Zaniel's Journal. Fight your way back to Kingsbridge to deliver the news back to Anton.

He is saddened but not shocked to learn of Zaniel's demise. He offers you 300 gold. There is still one more person he needs help finding, Loremaster Riella. She was researching an beliefs that there was an ancient tolassian tomb located somewhere near the capital, New Garand. While you are searching, Anton is planning to relocate to The Great Library in New Garand. You need to get to the New Garand Farmlands, so follow the Imperial Road back through the Southern Bluemist, heading south over a bridge to reach them.

Rocks and trees provide a natural enclosure for the tomb, so you will need to head south until there is a break, and then work tour way back through the woods, fighting off the undead. The entrance to the tomb is located at the north end of the cemetery. As you enter Nayau Tomb, you have three doors to enter. The doors going east and south lead to minor loot, guarded by some undead. The west door will take you into a hallway, followed by a large room. Clear it out, loot the chest and sarcophagus. The lever will unlock an area in a part of the dungeon we will not need to explore for this quest, but should be when you have less to worry about in here. From the large room, head north. East will take you deeper into the dungeon, which you should save for a return visit. Instead go west, contending with the undead that seek to stop you. Be careful in the next room. It is packed with skeletons, and there is a force which rapidly reanimated more. Smash your way through and exit out the south door. Rest up and move warily as there are powerful traps that can ruin your day. On the west wall, there is a secret door leading to a fight with a powerful Wraith and a chest with great loot. Work your way around the corner, but heal up before rushing into the next room. A miniboss, the Necromancer awaits with Riella as his captive, so you are going to need to put him down. He hits hard, with added Dark element damage. Survive, loot his chest, and speak with Riella. With many monsters able to respawn behind you, if you have a Scroll of Recall, now is a good time to use one. If you must travel back on foot, proceed slowly back through the tomb, hug the edge of the cemetery to avoid extra fights, and sprint back to New Garand. The Great Library is located on the southwestern portion of town, near the entrance to the keep.

Inside, Anton will be eternally grateful that one of his fellow Loreseekers made it back alive and that his mission is over. To show his gratitude, he gives you 1000 gold and access to the Library, its vast store of knowledge and traders. You also gain a large amount of Loreseeker reputation for all the hard work.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 1Anton GerdtLannegar Valley Necessary for obtaining a Scroll of Detection from Anton Gerdt when accepting his quest.

Quest Rewards

Find Hendrick's Journal:


  • 200 Gold


Find Zaniel's Journal:


  • 300 Gold
  • 300 XP


Rescue Riella:


  • 1,000 Gold
  • 500 XP


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  • Completing Forgotten Lore is currently the only way to gain access to the Loreseeker's Library, one of the three methods to research your Mysterious Key for A Key to the Past.
  • Anton will tell you about legends concerning Libraries within each tomb. These libraries contain an Ancient Tolassian Tome.
  • Your escape from Nayau Tomb with Riella can be made much easier by discovering a secret door in the room with the lever that connects to the room in front of the Necromancer.