Fort Assault

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Guild Quest: Fort Assault
Fort Assault.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Sergeant Dumek
Defeat warlord:
Access to Warrior's Guild ♦ Choice of: Ring of Health | Arcane Pendant | Magma Shortsword | Breastplate of the Forge ♦ 2000 Gold
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Fort Assault is a quest given to you by Sergeant Dumek at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 38 - Completable

The plans you delivered showed the orcs planning an assault on the town, lead by the fearsome Warlord Xurta. The warriors under Sergeant Dumek have been permission to assault the fort and kill Xurta. Join them to help the town and show your worth to the Warrior's Guild.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must be level 9 & complete The Best Plan to unlock this quest.)
  2. Speak with Sergeant Dumek outside Kingsbridge.
  3. Rendezvous with the assault squad.
  4. Attack the fort.
  5. Kill Warlord Xurta.
  6. Return to Chancellor Nebros.


Kingsbridge (City)Sergeant DumekWarlord XurtaChancellor Nebros

Detailed Walkthrough

Once you are level 9 or higher, return to Sergeant Dumek in Kingsbridge. He has been studying the documents you gave him and learned that the threat is far worse than originally thought. It seems the orcs are amassing at a near by fort under a young and bold Warlord named Xurta, and they plan to launch an attack on the town soon. The Baron and his knights are away at a tournament, so Dumek has been given permission to attack the fort and kill Xurta. Dumek is convinced that with Xurta dead, the rest of the orcs will disband. He doesn't have many men and would appreciate your help. When you agree to help, Dumek and his men will head to where they will launch the attack.

From town, head southeast along the coast until you meet Dumek. He will give you one last chance to prepare yourself, then start the attack. The objective is to kill Warlord Xurta, and you have a few options to accomplish this. Dumek and his men will charge south into the main entrance and be met by a large swarm of orcs. You can help mow though this crowd, enter the fort, and Xurta will attack with another large group. The other method is while Dumek is storming the front, you slip around to one of the lesser guarded sides, and attempt to engage Xurta without the rest of his troops. As soon as he falls, all the rest of the orcs disappear, so no matter your strategy, focus on him. With Dumek and a companion, taking him down shouldn't be too tough, just watch your health as a few hits from Xurta can really hurt. While Xurta is still alive, more orcs will continue to pour into the castle, so the quicker the better.

Speak with Dumek in the fort after the victory, if he lives, and he will congratulate you on the good fight. He plans to move on to Mercia, but tells you the Chancellor will have a reward for you. Head back into town, across the bridge where the Chancellor is standing to south of the eastern exit. He offers you a choice of items: a sword, a pendant, a breastplate, or a ring. Make your choice and also receive experience with the town, the kingdom, and the Warriors Guild.


Quest Rewards

Defeat warlord:


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  • If you already fulfill the level requirements for this quest and just finished The Best Plan, it may be necessary to sleep at an inn before Sergeant Dumek will actually initiate the quest.