Friguld (City)

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Buildings in Area




  • Captain Dorse
    • New Garand (City)- Takes 12 hours and costs 150 gold. This is the standard journey he offers to travelers who find themselves in Friguld and want to get someplace safe as quickly as possible.
    • Forgotten Temple: Takes 1 hour and costs 150 gold.
    • Friguld: Takes 12 hours and costs 150 gold.
      • Must have encountered him before in Friguld.
    • Dragon Coast: Will take you to the Dragon Coast after you complete Shards of Fate, and learn about the Ashen Wastes.


Difficulty (0...9) Enemy Level Elemental Dangers Enemy Vulnerabilities
2 7−10 Holy.png

Recurring Enemies


Armorer Han
Name Cost Description
Hardened Leather Cuirass 300 +2 AR    +5 HP 
Hardened Leather Leggings 250 +1 AR    +7 HP 
Hardened Leather Gauntlets 110 +1 AR    +2 HP 
Forest Chain Boots 800 +1 AR    +6 HP 
Forest Chain Coif 1500 +1 AR    +4 HP 
Assassin's Boots 1200 +2 AR    +5 HP    Cold.png 5 Poison.png 5  
Sailor Buckler 1500 +2 AR    +7 HP    Cold.png 10  
Corsair Falchion 2000 Light   DMG: Sword.png 4-8  Spd: 12   Crit: 6% Vicious 2
Heavy Scimitar 2700 2-Handed   DMG: Sword.png 5-12  Spd: 10   Crit: 4% Vicious 1
Alchemist Vera
Name Cost Description
Spider Venom 150 Poison Weapon 4 For 15 Seconds Coat your blade in this, for +4 toxic damage (15 seconds).
Scorpion Venom 500 Poison Weapon 7 For 10 Seconds Coat your blade in this, for +7 toxic damage (10 seconds).
Friguld Rum 70 Random HP Gain 1-60 The Corsairs basic breakfast. Heals randomly up to 60hp, but might have side effects.
Potion of Resist Toxic 100 Resist Toxic 25 For 60 Seconds Grants a +25 bonus for 1 minute.
Greater Potion of Resist Toxic 100 Resist Toxic 40 For 60 Seconds Grants a +40 bonus for 1 minute.
Potion of Moderate Healing 250 Gain HP 60 Will heal a total of 60hp. Tastes like chicken soup.
Scroll of Lesser Wisdom 400 +XP% 7 For 2 Days Gain a +7% XP bonus for 2 Days.
Scroll of Recall 280 Recall Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this area. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectQuest Description
Personality 3CaptainThe Snake Gang Necessary for peacefully entering Friguld (City) for free and not being bothered by the Captain anymore. Otherwise you have to pay 100 Gold or a bottle of Friguld Rum each time you pass the city gate. Alternative: Having a positive repution with the Friguld Governor, killing the Captain, or never possessing enough gold in the first place.
Personality 4ZildaThe Snake Gang Needed to become friends with Zilda without having to bribe her. This option is only available when knowing rumors about a Black Shard in the Golden Cove Bank. Alternative: Paying 250 Gold.


Windrose.pngFriguld (City)Friguld (City).jpg
Important sites and secrets
Entrance to Golden Cove Bank
Entrance to Governor's Manor
Inn: The Fifth Wind
Important NPCs and enemies
Captain demanding gate tax
Kalis initiating quest Exotic Substances
Armorer Han
Cadul advancing quest The Snake Gang
Alchemist Vera
Zilda advancing quest The Snake Gang (only at night)
Captain Dorse providing transportation to New Garand, Eastern Inori (during quest The Dead God), Dragon Coast (during quest The Ark of Lothasan)


Friguld is a place that most people avoid. However, Zoltania the Prophetess, cryptically said that a journey to save the world must travel through Friguld. There is one Loreseeker text that studied her prophecies academically. But this text was not conclusive as to whether Zoltania was using "Friguld" metaphorically to represent trials and tribulations, or whether she might be referring to a literal journey through Friguld.


  • if you refuse to pay the Captain, you'll get -25 rep in Friguld and then you'll be attacked by him and by any town guard nearby (additional -2 rep if you kill them).