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Side Quest: Gather Ingredients
Gather Ingredients.png
Starting Location
Lannegar (City)
Given By
Alchemist Markus
Turn in Blue Orchid:
40 gold ♦ 40 XP

Turn in Red Orchid:
80 XP

Turn in Luminescent Fungus:
Potion of Moderate Healing ♦ 150 XP ♦ Markus will make potions for you

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Gather Ingredients is a quest given to you by Alchemist Markus at Lannegar (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 5 - Completable

Alchemist Markus needs certain ingredients in order to make better potions for you. He lacks the vitality, and hopes you may have better luck.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Alchemist Markus.
  2. Retrieve one Blue Orchid from the Lannegar Valley or the northwestern part of the Sagar Forest.
  3. Return to Markus.
  4. Retrieve a Red Orchid from the Kingsbridge area.
  5. Return to Markus.
  6. Retrieve a Luminescent Fungus.
  7. Return to Markus.
  8. Markus will make potions for you.


Lannegar (City)Blue OrchidLuminescent FungusAlchemist Markus

Detailed Walkthrough

Speak with Alchemist Markus, he is located at the Village of Lannegar, next to his daughter Alchemist Marelle. Talk to him about the potions he offers or let him know you need work. He will inform you that he would be able to make better potions if he had the right ingredients. He then tasks you with finding a Blue Orchid. The easiest ones to find are located to the northwest of the trail leading to the mine, and another further along, easily spotted from the trail. However, these blue flowers can be found throughout Lannegar Valley and the northwestern part of the Sagar Forest.

The next item he needs is a Red Orchid. He tells you these can be found along the Bluemist River near Kingsbridge. Leave town, following the road to the west. It will eventually bend southwards and lead into the Southern Bluemist River area. Orcs will be patrolling the area and will need to be dealt with as you follow the road that leads you around a bend and heads west. Continue west past the signpost into the Kingsbridge area. Occasionally there will be a random encounter near the signpost.

Stay on the road, eliminating Bandits as you go, until you can go south off the road. There are three possible spawn locations in this area as you move along the river’s edge. The spots will respawn after a sleep at the inn if there are none available. Once you have found one, return to Markus for some experience. Now you must locate a Luminescent Fungus, which can be found in deep caves or underground rivers.

Head back to the Kingsbridge area. Travel west along the road again, but head north once you see rocks. This will lead to the Bandit Hideout.

Once in the hideout, head left at the fork. The switch will release Dire Wolves which will attack you or the Bandits so be warned. Fight your way northeast through the Bandits to a small bridge, which is usually trapped with a Bear Trap. Cross the bridge, and the fungus spawn points are to the left on the western side of the cavern. Once you have one, return to Markus for your final reward, a Potion of Moderate Healing and 150 XP.

From now on, Markus will be able to make you potions if you bring him ingredients and 100 gold. The recipes are:


Quest Rewards

Turn in Blue Orchid:


  • 40 gold
  • 40 XP

Turn in Red Orchid:


  • 80 XP

Turn in Luminescent Fungus:


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