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Item: Gem
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List of Gem Items

Icon NameClass Stackable Rarity Value Cost Quest Effect Effect Amount Duration/Range
Gem emerald2.png Emerald All Common 200 800 Honor among Thieves; The Orbs of Galade
Lifestone.png Lifestone All Unique 0 0 A Hard Bargainer
Pearl ico.png Pearl All Common 275 1100 Honor among Thieves; The Master's Laboratory
Purple diamond.png Purple Diamond All Unique 6250 25000 Trial and Error
Gem ruby2.png Ruby All Common 212 850 Ancient Verses; Honor among Thieves
Gem sapphire2.png Sapphire All Common 175 700 Honor among Thieves
Gem diamond1.png Small Diamond All Common 120 480 The Master's Laboratory; The Primal Forge; Ankh of Life
Gem emerald1.png Small Emerald All Common 100 400
Gem ruby1.png Small Ruby All Common 62 250 A Fair Deal
Gem sapphire1.png Small Sapphire All Common 75 300


A summary of which Gems you might wish to consider keeping for quest rewards:

Emeralds, both standard and small, have ongoing utility for services in the Maze of Lamth (Level 2)