Beast Attributes

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Attribute Description Common to
Aberration Currently no known in-game effect. Trolls
Beast Susceptible to weapons with attribute Beast Slayer. Apes, Bears, Manticores, Minotaurs, Mirmeks, Rats, Shapeshifters, Snakes, Ursans, Vorators, Wolves, Worms, Yetis
Detector Can detect invisible characters (e.g. Rogues in Stealth mode). Most boss or quest-related enemies
Explosive Explodes when being killed. Robots, Zealots
Fire Elemental Gets healed by Fire attacks. Demons, Elementals
Ghost Gets healed by Death attacks. Ghosts
Giant Has more hit points, deals more damage, immune to knockback. Dragons, Giants, Great Manticore, Kurg King, larger Demons.
Goblin Adds to number of killed Goblins (for in-game statistics). Goblins
Growth Gains one level every 4 seconds, correspondingly increasing HP, armor, and damage. Dimensional Parasite
Ice Elemental Gets healed by Cold attacks. Demons, Elementals
Immortal Cannot die in combat, but rather gets unconscious. Certain quest-related NPCs (e.g. Breno, Sergeant Dumek, Zilda)
Orc Susceptible to weapons with attribute Orc Slayer. Adds to number of killed Orcs (for in-game statistics). Orcs
Outsider Susceptible to weapons with attribute Banishing. Demons, Elementals, Shadows, Dimensional Parasite
Regeneration Resurrects after a certain time, except when being killed by a Fire attack. Trolls
Robot Can get paralyzed when attacked with an EMP weapon. Robots
Shapechanger Receives only minimal normal damage from non-silver weapons (elemental damage is unaffected). Shapeshifters
Shield Subtracts 40-100% of Armor rating from each hit, instead of the normal 20-100%. Mirmeks, Orcs, Skeletons, many Humans and bosses.
Shock Elemental Gets healed by Shock attacks. Demons, Elementals
Silver Treated as wielding a silver weapon, thus dealing full normal damage to Shapeshifters. Xerla and her troops during quest Defending the Outpost
Toxic Aura Exudes Toxic fumes when attacked. Ancient Mummy, Accountant, Myrso, Captain Fendrick, Old One (Green), Zombie Dragon
Toxic Elemental Currently no known in-game effect. Elementals
Undead Susceptible to weapons with attribute Holy. Adds to number of killed Undead (for in-game statistics). Ghosts, Mummies, Skeletons, Shadows, Liches, Old Ones, Vampires, Zombies