Goblin Hunt

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Side Quest: Goblin Hunt
Goblin Hunt.png
Starting Location
Lannegar (City)
Given By
Captain Whitewater
Kill 5 Goblins:
Potion of Light Healing ♦ 25 gold ♦ 80 XP
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Goblin Hunt is a quest given to you by Captain Whitewater at Lannegar (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 1 - Completable

Goblins have been raiding the road near town. They have become increasingly dangerous, and the Captain has charged you with taking down five Goblins. He promises a reward, if you manage to succeed.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Captain Whitewater.
  2. Kill 5 Goblins.
  3. Return to the Captain for your reward.


Lannegar (City)Lannegar ValleyCaptain Whitewater

Detailed Walkthrough

Speak with Captain Whitewater. Ask him about the goblins, and tell him you are capable of handling the job. He doesn’t think you able to handle a goblin patrol, but says he will reward you if you manage to kill five goblins. If you accept the quest because its the right thing to do, you will gain an extra point of Lannegar (City) reputation.Goblins can be found all over Lannegar Valley. If you follow the road to the sign post, then head up the trail to the mine, you will encounter your first Goblin. As the trail bends to the west, continue north off the trail to find two more. Loot the nearby crate and return to the trail. Continuing along the trail to the west, you will quickly find two more near the trail. Once you have dispatched a total of five, return to Captain Whitewater. He will reward you with 25 gold and a potion. Your reputation in Lannegar and Varsilia increases by 3 and 1, respectively.


Quest Rewards

Kill 5 Goblins:



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  • When accepting the quest, if you say that helping is the right thing to do, you receive an additional +1 Varsilia reputation.