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Gold... the generic term for any of the various currencies and coinage used throughout the world.


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Things to buy

You have a lot of money and don't know what to do whit it? Here is a list whit the most expencive things in the game:

  • For 5,000 gold you can learn skills from various trainers.
  • Donate 5,000 to 250'000 gold at the special shrine in The Hall of Wisdom and get a lot of XP, one Trait and one Skill point!

Things to sell

Some items have a finite amount of use and can be sold there after. As it is not always oblivious what is still needed, here is a list:

Item Value Where it is used first
Weed blue.png Merple 25 Quests: An easy job and Ancient Verses (3 total)
Brown pelt.png Bear Pelt 50
Carapace blue.png Chitin Carapace 50 Quest: Shielding the Mind (4 pices)
Grey pelt.png Damaged Wolf Pelt 12 (20 from Varannari Hunters Quest: Ancient Verses (1 late in the game)
Red scale.png Fire Drake Scale 100 Quest: Turning the Scales (5 pices)
Gem sapphire2.png Sapphire 175 Honor among Thieves (1 late in the game)
Gem emerald1.png Small Emerald 100 (200 from Orduc of Solliga)
Gem ruby1.png Small Ruby 62
Gem sapphire1.png Small Sapphire 75