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Gossip increases your chance to learn new information at inns by 3% per rank.

List of Gossip Slot Items

Icon Name Class Rarity Cost/Value Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistances Traits
Armor leather head2.png Assassin's Hood R Uncommon 1200/300 2 6 Gossip 1 Poison.png 5
Armor leather head3.png Cowl of Fellowship W, R, C Common 600/150 1 4 Gossip 1
Armor shield.png Hero's Shield W, C Uncommon 3000/750 3 8 Gossip 2 ♦ Shield
Ring5.png Ring of the Trader All Uncommon 1620/405 9 Gossip 2 Personality.png 1
Armor shield.png Shield of the Dragon Hunter W Unique 5000/1250 5 12 Gossip 2 ♦ Shield Fire.png 25 Cold.png 25