Head Hunting

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Side Quest: Head Hunting
Head Hunting.png
Starting Location
Lannegar (City)
Given By
Captain Whitewater
Deliver the head:
Sword of Shock ♦ 200 XP
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Goblin HuntThe Lost Explorer

Head Hunting is a quest given to you by Captain Whitewater at Lannegar (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 3 - Completable

Captain Whitewater believes now is the time to strike a fatal blow to the Goblins. Kill their leader Itharrak the Firedancer and receive the Baron's own Sword of Shock.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have 'friendly' or higher reputation in Lannegar to unlock this quest.)
  2. Speak with Captain Whitewater following Teram's return.
  3. Head back into the Lannegar Mine.
  4. Locate the Firedancer's den.
  5. Behead Itharrak the Firedancer.
  6. Bring the Head of Itharrak the Firedancer back to Captain Whitewater.


Lannegar (City)Lannegar MineCaptain Whitewater

Detailed Walkthrough

Once your reputation has reached 'friendly' in Lannegar, Whitewater will tell of you of his plan. With the safe return of Teram, he feels it is right time to strike a blow against the goblins. Trusting you are strong enough, he asks that you find and destroy the goblin leader, Itharrak the Firedancer inside the mine. If you are ill equipped or below level 4, this will not be a quest you can handle easily. Bring a few potions just in case regardless.

Head back to the mine and reenter. Fight your way back to where Teram was held, but instead of heading to the cage, return to the intersection to the north. To free Teram, you went south, now we head north. The first new challenge is a pair of goblins, one of which is a spearman. Be cautious rushing the spearman as there is a trap guarding the narrow gap. Past that you can head south for some loot, handling a few goblins along the way. Our goal is a door on the western wall guarded by an Imp and a few goblins. Focus on the imp as his fire elemental can rack up damage quickly.

Past the door is where it can get interesting. If you are lucky, an imp will be waiting for you at the bend in the hall. If not, you will have to deal with two imps at the end of the hall, typically with a goblin thrown in for good measure. Don't go too far into the room, or you will have to deal with a spike trap and possibly drawing in more enemies from the north. Once you have a moment to catch your breath, heal up and prepare for Itharrak. He is accompanied by two Imps, and as his name suggests, he hits you with fire as well. Use whatever technique works best for your build, and don't be afraid to use a few potions. When you finally bring down the Flamedancer, you can claim his head from his corpse.

Bring the head back to Whitewater. While he is glad to know the evil is dead, he could have been spared seeing the ghastly severed head. He rewards you as promised with the Sword of Shock, a nice weapon you or your companion will use for good while, so it was worth all the effort. You gain reputation with Lannegar and Varsilia, but now have a head in your inventory. Keep the trophy somewhere as it will be worth something someday.


Quest Rewards

Deliver the head:



Related Quests


  • Complete Goblin Hunt, The Lost Explorer, and The Seed of Trust to raise your reputation in Lannegar to 'friendly'.
  • Save any Small Rubies or Fire Salts dropped by the Imps for later use.
  • Don't sell or drop Itharrak's head, as it may be used for the quest Ancient Verses.
  • It is not actually required to bring Itharrak's head to Captain Whitewater to finish the quest. If you chose not to bring the captain the head different dialog will be used, and instead of his distrubed response from bringing the head he will simply thank you for helping the town amd reward you.