Heal Wounds

Heal Wounds

Heals instantly a certain amount of life, even during combat. It heals you first until you are fully healed; any remaining healing goes to other party members.
― In-game text

This is an Active Skill. If you are a cleric character with this skill, you can use it for healing whenever you would like (assuming you have the mana available and are not still in a cool down from a previous use of this skill.) If you have a cleric companion with you, you do not have direct control over when they do healing. They decide when to heal. What you can do however is make sure they have sufficient mana to do healings. (i.e. You can replenish their mana each time you sleep at an Inn or use the Recovery button. You can also have them drink a mana potion to restore some mana points.)


War Rog Cle Mag


Level Effect Cost CooldownMana
1 Heals a total of 30 HP 1 10


2 Heals a total of 75 HP 2 10 12
3 Heals a total of 125 HP 3 10 18