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{{:Bear Pelt|ItmSubx}}
{{:Chitin Carapace|ItmSubx}}
{{:Corrupted Sabercat Eye|ItmSubx}}
{{:Damaged Wolf Pelt|ItmSubx}}
{{:Fire Drake Scale|ItmSubx}}
{{:Fire Salts|ItmSubx}}
{{:Living Ice|ItmSubx}}
{{:Minotaur Horn|ItmSubx}}
{{:Perfect Wolf Pelt|ItmSubx}}
{{:Poison Sack|ItmSubx}}
{{:Sabercat Eye|ItmSubx}}
{{:Sparkling Powder|ItmSubx}}
{{:Troll Hide|ItmSubx}}
{{:White Wolf Pelt|ItmSubx}}
{{:Zombie Flesh|ItmSubx}}

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Item: Hide
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Icon NameClass Stackable Rarity Value Cost Quest Effect Effect Amount Duration/Range
Cell2.png Ancient Battery All Common 10 40 The Ark of Lothasan
Red pelt.png Bear Pelt All Common 50 200
Carapace blue.png Chitin Carapace All Uncommon 50 200 Shielding the Mind
Fat.png Chunk of Fat All Common 15 60 Probably the Best Potion in the World
Fang coral.png Coral Snake Fang All Common 175 700 Exotic Substances
Eye Corrupt.png Corrupted Sabercat Eye All Common 50 200 Eye of the Tiger
Grey pelt.png Damaged Wolf Pelt All Common 12 50 Ancient Verses
Skull demon.png Demonic Wolf Skull All Uncommon 250 1000
Red scale.png Fire Drake Scale All Uncommon 100 400 Turning the Scales
Red substance.png Fire Salts All Common 62 250 Three versus Eleven; Where is Amarisa?
ForsakenPendant.jpeg Forsaken Pendant All Unique ??? ??? The Ark of Lothasan
Fang mamba.png Giant Mamba Fang All Common 125 500 Exotic Substances
Cell1.png Large Battery All Common 10 40 The Ark of Lothasan
White substance.png Living Ice All Common 62 250 Important Research
Horn.png Minotaur Horn All Common 70 280 A Safe Bet; A Key to the Past
Grey pelt.png Perfect Wolf Pelt All Common 50 200 I Am the Best Hunter in the World...
Green organ.png Poison Sack All Common 10 40 Spiders' Sack
Eye orange.png Sabercat Eye All Common 50 200 Eye of the Tiger
Blue substance.png Sparkling Powder All Common 62 250
Green pelt.png Troll Hide All Common 125 500 Thick Skin
White pelt.png White Wolf Pelt All Common 62 250 A Fair Deal; The Master's Laboratory
Meat rotten.png Zombie Flesh All Common 2 9 Flesh is Weak