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Mob: Highwaymen
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A group of bandits interrupting travellers on the street to collect their 'tax'. If you refuse or cannot pay up they will attack you. The group of criminals is made up of an Outlaw Chief (ranged) and 2 Outlaws (Ranged)

The amount they demand is the main character's level multiplied by 50.

Outlaw Chief (Ranged)

Outlaw (Ranged)

Male archer.png

Description needed



No known associated quests


Level Armor HP
7-10 Shield small.png 10 Heart.png 46
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Sword.png 17-22 Speed.png 11 4 21.8
Attributes Skills Proc Effect
Archery: 1


  • It is possible to trigger the chat beyond the range of their aggression, allowing you to sneak around them and avoid a fight without paying.


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