Hunting Bugs!

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Side Quest: Hunting Bugs!
Hunting Bugs!.png
Starting Location
Northern Bluemist River
Given By
Destroy the nest:
200 gold ♦ 200 XP
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A Wild Mystery

Hunting Bugs! is a quest given to you by Sheryl at Northern Bluemist River.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 9 - Completable

A settlement struggling to establish itself has recently been plagued by Mirmeks, giant ant-like creatures. Something in the area must be causing it, and Sheryl wants you to handle the situation.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Sheryl.
  2. Locate the nest (surrounded by trees) northeast of the settlement.
  3. Smash the nest twice, dealing with the Mirmeks that appear.
  4. Return to Sheryl.
  5. (Optional) Speak with Nisor.


Northern Bluemist RiverNorthern Bluemist RiverSheryl

Detailed Walkthrough

In the southwest corner of the Northern Bluemist River, you will find a small settlement. Sheryl, the leader of the community is located near a house in the center. She will mention that the hardships of the settlement will be worthwhile when they are able to produce gains from the gold in the river and the rubies in the cave to the north. While they can handle the goblins, a recently increased Mirmek population has become quite dangerous. If someone could find a way to stymie its growth, they would be rewarded with 200 gold.

Head out of the settlement using the northern bridge. Follow the water east until you are blocked by trees. Head along the trees until you reach a gap, leading into an enclosed area. Inside you will find three Mirmeks, as well as the cause of the recent problems, a Mirmek Egg Nest. Inspecting the nest, you will be able to smash it with your weapon. Doing so will cause three Mirmeks to pop out. Dispatch them and then reinspect the nest. Smash it again to fully destroy it, but once more, three Mirmeks will appear.

With the nest destroyed, you may head back to Sheryl to tell her the news. She is shocked to learn of a nest that was built outside, and rewards you 200 gold as promised. She mentions you may want to tell their ranger, Nisor about the strange occurrence. He has never seen or heard anything like it, but has heard of a rumor of similar strange behavior in other beasts near Rhöneis. He thinks a pack of Varannari might be responsible. This starts the quest A Wild Mystery.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Awareness 2Mirmek nestNorthern Bluemist River Necessary for getting a hint that poison can be used to destroy the nest (only if you don't have any). Not required to actually pour venom into the nest.

Quest Rewards

Destroy the nest:


  • 200 gold
  • 200 XP

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  • After smashing the nest for the first time, Mirmeks will continually pour out. Destroying the nest fully will take care of this.
  • Having Spider Venom or Scorpion Venom in your inventory will make the quest easier, as the nests are weak to poison. Pouring the venom on the nest will immediately destroy it, and only three Mirmek Hatchlings will spawn.
  • If you don't have any venom, passing an Awareness 2 check will give you a hint about this possibility.