I Am the Best Hunter in the World...

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Side Quest: I Am the Best Hunter in the World...
I Am the Best Hunter in the World....png
Starting Location
South Sagar Forest
Given By
Return with pelt:
Small Sapphire ♦ 80 XP
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I Am the Best Hunter in the World... is a quest given to you by Deep-Shadow at South Sagar Forest.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 13 - Completable

In order to prove your worth to the Varannari, Deep-Shadow has requested you bring back a Perfect Wolf Pelt.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Deep-Shadow at his camp.
  2. Hunt wolves for a Perfect Wolf Pelt.
  3. Return for your reward.


South Sagar ForestPerfect Wolf PeltDeep-Shadow

Detailed Walkthrough

Deep-Shadow and few other Varannari have set up a camp in southeast South Sagar Forest. He has trouble with your language, so the conversation is a little lacking. You can provoke them into attacking, which will fail this quest. Instead try to tell him you are a hunter as well. At this point, he will challenge you bring him a perfect wolf pelt to prove you are a great hunter.

Wolves can be found in several locations around Lannegar. The most efficient hunting route from Deep-Shadow's camp is to clear South Sagar Forest, working your way north to North Sagar Forest. Make your way west, laying waste to any wolves you encounter. Be careful of White Wolves, who pack a punch with additional cold damage. If you do encounter one, hope for its pelt, which can be used in A Fair Deal. You will enter the Northwest Sagar Forest, another haven of wolves. Heading south from here will lead back to Lannegar Valley.

Return to Deep-Shadow when you have the needed pelt. He will confess you are the best hunter in world and reward you with a Small Sapphire and increase your reputation with the Varannari.


Quest Rewards

Return with pelt:



  • Varannari +3

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  • If you say you are the best hunter in the world in the first conversation option, then say you aren't in the second, you will lose 1 reputation with the Varannari.