Important Research

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Side Quest: Important research
Starting Location
Inori Enclave
Given By
Turn in 3 Living Ice:
Mystic Vest ♦ 400 XP
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Important research is a quest given to you by Couk at Inori Enclave.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 31 - Completable

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Quest Steps

  1. (You must be level 7 to unlock this quest.)
  2. Speak with Couk about his research.
  3. Collect 3 Living Ice from Icylons.
  4. (Optional) Buy them from a Travelling Alchemist.
  5. Deliver the specimens back to Couk.


Inori EnclaveLiving IceCouk

Detailed Walkthrough

Couk is the wizard in charge of the Inori Enclave, a branch of the Wizard's Guild. In order to conduct his latest bit of research, he needs 3 samples of Living Ice. He will offer a Mystic Vest in return.

There are two methods to collect these, one of which is bases purely on luck. The surefire method involves traveling to North Sagar Forest, making your way into the snowy part north of the bridge. Once there, make your way west along the rocks, fighting off any White Wolves that come near. Tucked away in the western wall is a cave, the Merdxan Cave. This is home to enemies known as Icylon, who drop Living Ice at a fairly decent rate. Kill as many as you need until you have your three and return to Couk.

The other method involves hoping you run into a Travelling Alchemist who carries Living Ice. Running along the Imperial Road, there are numerous Random Encounters spots between all the cities. The alchemist will sell them for 250 gold a piece. When you have made the trade, return to Couk. He informs you that he can now finish his magically cold beverage, named after himself, and rewards you with the Mystic Vest. You gain 400 XP and improve your reputation with the Wizard's Guild.

Quest Rewards

Turn in 3 Living Ice:



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