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Reasoning, memory, ability to learn and think. Its greatest effect on game is mana points for mages. It may make available new conversation options.
― In-game description

Intellect (INT) is a trait that is primarily used by Mages, who benefit from its bonus to mana/level and to a lesser extent perception and traps and locks. Clerics have also been known to pick up a couple points to complement Personality scores.

This trait may also make available new conversation options with NPCs.

Intellect Benefits

Benefits Relationship to other Traits
Each point of INT grants +1 mana/level to Mages Better than Personality
Every 2 points of INT grants +1 mana/level to Clerics Worse than Personality
Every 2 points of INT grant +5% chance with traps and locks Worse than Agility
Every 2 points of INT grant +5% chance to perception Worse than Awareness
Extra conversation options Similar to Awareness and Personality
Intellect score In-game message
0 Not the brightest torch in the dungeon, are you?
1 Your intelligence is average. Sorry, someone had to tell you.
2 You are the village genius. Congratulations.
3 You are smart enough to realize you're really not that smart.
4 Your memory and deductive reasoning often scares people.
5 You feel lonely in this world. Very lonely.

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