Invisible Swamp Donkey

Invisible Swamp Donkey

The legendary creature, searched for by generations of ambiguous adventurers and forum moderators - in vain.


There are countless tales and legends about the Invisible Swamp Donkey, but the only thing people usally can agree on is that it is, in fact, invisible. Some say it is a godlike creature, a remnant from the very beginning of Creation. Others claim that it's just a crossbreed of an ordinary Swamp Donkey and a chameleon, a theory undermined by the fact that no one has seen an ordinary Swamp Donkey either. The Church of the Three denies its existence, but rumors spread nonetheless, mainly in taverns shortly before closing time.



  • Invisible Swamp Donkey Poo


  • The Fruitless Searching for the Invisible Swamp Donkey


Type Level XP Armor Health Mana Movement
Magical Creatures 99 Shield small.png ? Heart.png ? Mana.png 0 2
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Sword.png 110-1000 Speed.png 12 0 666 Fire.png 300 Cold.png 300 Shock.png 300 Death.png 300 Poison.png 300 Holy.png 300
Attributes Skills Proc Effect
Invisible Kick: 3


  • Some of the stats change with creature level and game mode. The values shown in the table above always refer to the highest level at Normal difficulty. On Hard or Iron Man some values such as HP and attack stats are increased by 25%.