Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
The Seventh House (New Garand Sewers)
Welcome to the House; Smugglers in the Night

― Kardagis

Kardagis is the Seventh House Trainer for Poison Master and Assassinate. Trading and training options accessible only to Seventh House members.


Seventh House





Trainer for Poison Master and Assassinate (Seventh House Members only)


Kardagis's Wares
Name Cost Description
Scorpion Venom 500 Poison Weapon 7 For 10 Seconds Coat your blade in this, for +7 toxic damage (10 seconds).
Potion of Invisibility 350 Gain Invis For 12 Seconds Makes you invisible for 12 seconds.
Girdle of Agility 24000 +2 AR    +8 HP    Agility.png 1
Bluesteel Poisonous Dagger 1200 Light   DMG: Sword.png 3-8 +Poison.png 4  Spd: 13   Crit: 7%
Toecutter 1300 Off-Hand   DMG: Sword.png 3-3  Spd: 10   Crit: 0% Slow 1
Lightning Dirk 1300 Off-Hand   DMG: Shock.png 3  Spd: 10   Crit: 0% Stun 1

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this character. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementQuestArea Description
Decisive.png Personality 2NoneNew Garand Sewers Necessary for impressing Kardagis during your first encounter, thus gaining +3 reputation with the Seventh House.

Combatant Stats

Type Level XP Armor Health Mana MovementBoss Type
Unique Human NPCs 16-18 610-860 Shield small.png 28 Heart.png 356 Mana.png 0 1miniboss
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Sword.png 40-45 Fire.png 5 Speed.png 11 6 53.2 Fire.png 30 Cold.png 30 Shock.png 30 Death.png 30 Poison.png 30
Attributes Skills
Detector Stab: 4



  • Some of the stats change with creature level and game mode. The values shown in the table above always refer to the highest level at Normal difficulty. On Hard or Iron Man some values such as HP and attack stats are increased by 25%.