Kingdom of Ilmara Town Hall Quests

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Quests from Town Halls in the Kingdom of Ilmara are available in the following locations:


The innocent inhabitants of Ilmara are being scourged by a surge of sacrilegious sorcery and unsettled by an unnerving uprise in unholy undead, the coffers of the congregation will certainly be charitably conferred to chivalrous champions who crush these cursed crones and creepy cadavers with courageous certitude.

Furthermore, the pious priests will produce potent potions for dungeoneering denizens devotedly dedicated to spelunking sacred remains, hoisting holy relics, and salvaging saintly skeletons from treacherous Tolassian tombs.

Quest Details

There are a total of 37 Town Hall quests in Ilmara, click a link below for more detail.


  • Townhall Quest Reputation gains stop around 70