Lamis (City)

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A tiny town in the far Northwest Ilmara, almost forgotten by the rest of the world. This small village sits beside Mount Orogg which The Three had used to trap the Witches of Orogg. Many villagers are afraid of dark spirits coming from the mountain and fear the seal which held the witches is breaking.




Scroll of Recall and Gate recall to Lamis (City)


Trader Garner
Name Cost Description
Potion of Death Ward 100 Resist Death 20 For 60 Seconds Grants a +20 bonus for 1 minute. The label says it protects from ghosts, but ghosts don't exist, right?
Potion of Resist Toxic 100 Resist Toxic 25 For 60 Seconds Grants a +25 bonus for 1 minute.
Potion of Giant Strength 250 Gain Might 6 For 20 Seconds Will add +6 to melee attacks for 20 seconds.
Potion of Speed 390 Gain Speed For 12 Seconds Makes you run faster for 12 seconds.
Scroll: Teleport 600 Teleportation Allows you to Recall, or to travel to any town you have visited before. It might not work if cast from large towns and other magically sealed areas.
Ring of Death Ward 1000   Death.png 30  
Varannari Turtle Figurine 1500 +2 AR    +25 HP    Death.png 20  
Varannari Cat Figurine 1500 +2 AR    +-15 HP   +25 MP    Holy.png 15 
Silver Bow 1900 Ranged   DMG: Sword.png 2-6  Spd: 11   Crit: 5% Silver
Silver Greatsword 2000 2-Handed   DMG: Sword.png 5-13  Spd: 9   Crit: 4% Silver


Windrose.pngLamis (City)Lamis (City).jpg
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Inn: The Drowned Rat
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Red Moon initiating quest The Sacred Weapons
Trader Garner