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|Location=[[New Garand Sewers]]
|Description={{PAGENAME}} is the Item merchant in the [[New Garand Sewers]]
<table class="wikitable" style="text-align: center">
<th colspan="3" style="background-color: initial"><big>Inventory</big></th>
{{ItembyName|Spiders Venom|ItmCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{ItembyName|Scroll of Detection|ItmCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{ItembyName|Potion of Invisibility|ItmCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{ArmorbyName|Ring of Death Ward|ArmCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{WeaponbyName|Hunting Bow|WpnCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{WeaponbyName|Oaken Bow|WpnCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{WeaponbyName|Bluesteel Dagger|WpnCityTblx|Cost=100}}
{{WeaponbyName|Dagger of Poison|WpnCityTblx|Cost=100}}

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