This is the Mage - Endgame build by smajor82





AC: 28


Speed: 9

Crit: 8%

DPS: 39.9

Effects: Slow(40%)


Fire.png Fire Cold.png Cold Shock.png Shock
22 0 110
Death.png Death Toxic.png Toxic Spirit.png Spirit
29 34 100


Strength.png Strength Endurance.png Endurance Agility.png Agility
3 (6) 5 5 (8)
Intellect.png Intellect Awareness.png Awareness Personality.png Personality
9 (10) 4 (6) 3 (4)


This is the build I had when I completed the game. Note that in the Ark there are no companions so the goal is to deal a lot of damage quickly while also being able to handle taking some hits. This same build worked great with Grisenda when I went through sewer of horrors. When with Grisenda, she is built to basically just stand there and absorb hits while I kill things as quickly as possible.

This is not the build I started with. The ability to reset skill points is one that I think is good to take advantage of. Early in the game wand mastery allows for good DPS while giving you the added protection from whatever is in your off hand. Blizzard is also nice early on but I find it relatively useless later in the game. See the progression section for details.

I'm a firm believer that points in extra refresh and gate are completely wasted. By the middle of the game money really stops being an issue and so teleport scrolls, healing potions, and mana potions can all be easily acquired.

My intention if I were to keep leveling up the character would be to put skill points in precision shots and massive criticals. Spirit ward comes in handy in the ark as there are quite a few enemies that will stun you and there is nothing more frustrating than watching your character stand frozen while they are pummeled with hits from a robotic wizard.



Skill Level
Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt 4
Fireball.png Fireball 0
Ice Storm.png Ice Storm 0
Mage Armor.png Mage Armor 4
Wand Mastery.png Wand Mastery 0
Staff Mastery.png Staff Mastery 4
Lesser Summoning.png Lesser Summoning 0
Mana Surge.png Mana Surge 3

General Skills

Skill Level
Extra Recovery.png Extra Recovery 0
Dungeoneering.png Dungeoneering 0
Gossip.png Gossip 0

Advanced Skills

Skill Level
Arcanist.png Arcanist 3
Body Development.png Body Development 3
Death Ward.png Death Ward 0
Disintegrate.png Disintegrate 3
Earth Mastery.png Earth Mastery 0
Fire Mastery.png Fire Mastery 0
Fire Ward.png Fire Ward 0
Gate.png Gate 0
Ice Mastery.png Ice Mastery 0
Ice Ward.png Ice Ward 0
Mage Barrier.png Mage Barrier 3
Massive Criticals.png Massive Criticals 0
Precision Shots.png Precision Shots 1
Shock Ward.png Shock Ward 0
Spiritual Ward.png Spiritual Ward 3
Summoner.png Summoner 0
Toxic Ward.png Toxic Ward 0


Early game

Mage armor, lightning bolt, mana surge and wand mastery . Mage armor is especially handy since it will absorb damage from any traps that are triggered. For traits, I ignored endurance and strength completely and added two points to awareness only when needed for quests. By level six I had level 3 Wand Mastery, level1 Mana Surge, level 1 Lightning Bolt. level 1 Blizzard, level 2 Mage Armor.

Middle Game

Mana surge so that you can keep casting mage barrier as needed, mage barrier so that you aren't constantly dying. The added elemental resistances are very nice also. Maxing lightning bolt is great because it rips through swarms of enemies and does more damage with each level. I put a point in arcanist when I could because it opens up using the the Wand of Scorching without having your mana pool constantly draining. I started focusing more on Intellect for trait points, still nothing in Strength or Endurance. By level 15 I had reset my skill points and maxed out Staff Mastery, Mage Armor, and Lightning Bolt. level 2 Mana Surge and Mage Barrier, level 1 Arcanist to allow for use of the Caduceus of Scorching.

End Game

I started putting points in Endurance and eventually Strength just for the added HP from having Body Development. Disintegrate is really helpful with enemies that can cast heal - kill them quickly to avoid having them draw things out. Magma Greatstaff did a lot of heavy lifting, as did the Tolassian Greatstaff and the Staff of the Seas. The staves that do pure elemental damage are great because your bonus damage from staff mastery and agility are also elemental, unlike staffs that do some base normal damage plus some additional elemental damage. This allows you to ignore armor altogether and focus on an element that the enemy is relatively weak to. Finding First Winter before entering Icemist Underlevels is really handy, since it does great against Ancient Guardians as well as the many fire-type enemies.



I only used Hirge for her specific quest, so Nivaria's Barrier and Crusader were handy and Heal Wounds of course.


Also only used him for his quest. Kick has the same problem that Bash does, but it is somewhat useful. As many points in Stab as possible. Give him Sonnet and a shield so that he doesn't die every 5 seconds.


Bash and Whirlwind can cause problems, as Grissenda will occasionally move enemies out of the way of your lightning bolt or other attack. I focused on Shield Expert, Cleave, and Fury. The AI isn't great about using Resilience at good times, so it was rarely in effect when she needed it. Agility over strength - she can use the Magma Shortsword and Icicle to good effect.