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Weapon: Magma
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Fine Bluesteel weaponry enchanted to kill and cook in a single strike. Careful not to burn yourself!

List of Magma Weapons

Icon Name Class RarityCost/Val Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute
Weapon axe fire.png Magma Axe W, R Unique2900/725 Sword.png 3-12 +Fire.png 5 10 7 13.1
Greatstaff red.png Magma Greatstaff M Uncommon3000/750 Fire.png 8-15 9 6 10.8 Arcane 3
Weapon sword long flaming.png Magma Longsword W, R Limited5000/1250 Sword.png 5-9 +Fire.png 5 10 6 12.3
Weapon shortsword fire.png Magma Shortsword W, R Uncommon7000/1750 Sword.png 3-8 +Fire.png 5 11 6 11.9