Main Screen

This is the main screen through which you interact with the world of Exiled Kingdoms and which mainly defines your playing experience.

Main screen.jpg

(1) Character Portrait

Here you can see your character's portait, current Level, health (red bar) and mana (blue bar, Clerics and Mages only). The yellow bar below the portrait indicates the progression toward the next level. Tapping on the portrait opens your Character Sheet, which provides access to your inventory and contains much more detailed character information.

(2) Companion Portait

If you have a Permanent Companion with you, his or her portrait and constitution will be displayed here. Tapping the portrait opens the Character Sheet of your companion. Note that Hired Companions will not appear here.

(3) Recovery Button

This button restores your health and mana (if applicable) completely. The number indicates how many uses are left. Once it drops to zero, you have to sleep at an inn to fully replenish the recovery button. Note that it can only be used while no enemies are nearby.

(4) Directional Pad

The arrows are used to navigate your character through the vast world of the Exiled Kingdoms. Note that due to the isometric game design, moving upwards is not equivalent to moving northwards (but rather northwestwards). See the cardinal points in the image above for orientation.

(5) Map, Menu & Save Buttons

Map button (Main screen).png Opens the local map, from which in turn you can access the world map.

Menu button (Main screen).png Opens the in-game menu, allowing you to save or load a game, change the Settings, or return to the Main Menu.

Save button (Main screen).png Quicksaves the current game.

(6) Quick Slot Items

Here all the items put on quick slots show up and can instantly be used by simply tapping on them. Consumables (such as potions and scrolls) will be consumed, weapons and armor will be equipped. To define which items occupy the 5 available quick slots, use the corresponding option in the Character Sheet.

(7) Attack Button

Holding this button will constantly attack the nearest enemy at full speed. No rapid tapping is required.

(8) Skill Slots

Here your active skills show up and can be activated by tapping on the corresponding symbol. Directly after activation the skill gets locked and can only be used again after a certain period of time (the so-called cooldown), indicated by a shaded progression bar within the symbol. To define which skills occupy the 4 available slots, use the corresponding option in the Skills Sheet (accessible via the Character Sheet).

(9) Interacting with the World

Whenever you stand close to something that can be interacted with (people, containers, doors, levers, etc.) a corresponding symbol or portrait will appear here. Tapping on it will initiate the dialogue. This is also the only way of speaking to your Companions (both permanent and hired ones).

(10) Event & Combat Log

Important messages and (if actived in the Settings) combat information are displayed here. The text will disappear after a few seconds, but the last 100 log entries can be viewed by tapping on this area at the top center of the screen.