Massive Criticals

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Massive Criticals

Your critical hits go beyond the usual 150% max damage, with a chance to insta-kill enemies 2 levels below yours (some are immune)
― In-game text

This is a Passive Skill that automatically applies to any critical hits that you land.


War Rog Cle Mag

This is an advanced skill, learned from: Sergeant Rakkus in The Warrior's Guild (New Garand)

Prerequisites: Strength 3


Level Effect Cost
1 Criticals do up to 200% of max weapon damage, 10% chance to kill weaker enemies. 1
2 Criticals do up to 250% of max weapon damage, 25% chance to kill weaker enemies. 2
3 Criticals do up to 300% of max weapon damage, 50% chance to kill weaker enemies. 3