Message in a Bottle

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Side Quest: Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle.png
Starting Location
New Garand (City)
Given By
Free hostage:
Varaol's BootsEmeraldSmall DiamondSapphire ♦ 500 XP
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Message in a Bottle is a quest given to you by Waters at New Garand (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 23 - Completable

While fishing in New Garand, Waters caught a red bottle with a note in. The note claims the author is being held captive somewhere on the coast. Seems like something worth investigating.

Quest Steps

  1. Find Waters in south New Garand.
  2. Head east along the coast to the Imperial Coast.
  3. Find the enclosed camp by the water.
  4. Speak with Varaol.
  5. Check out the camp a little closer.
  6. Confront Varaol about the strange happenings.
  7. Free the hostage.
  8. Return to Waters to finish the quest.


New Garand (City)Imperial CoastWaters

Detailed Walkthrough

Waters is a fisherman who, because of the dangers outside the city, is forced to fish from the docks within the city. While he hasn't had much luck with the fish, he did catch a red bottle with a note in it. The notes is very old and quite faded, but Waters thinks the author was trying to say he was being held captive somewhere on the coast. It is probably nothing, but it might be something worth looking into, especially if the captive is a noble with deep pockets.

Leave town going east, and head down to the coast. There is a bandit camp with a chest to plunder as you make your way to the Imperial Coast. As you continue east, look for a gap in the terrain you can travel south through. Here you will meet Varaol and his group of merry men. Speaking with Varaol might be one of the best dialogues in the game, so enjoy. Since nothing is going on, it won't hurt to have a look around. While there is a large chest you can't seem to open to the west, the bottle came from the sea, so investigate the pier. Look in the barrel at the end and pick out one of the bottles. It matches the bottle Waters found. The plot thickens. Return to Varaol and confront him about the bottle. With his scheme uncovered, Varaol is left with no choice but to try and kill you. Varaol is a rough opponent and with four men to back him up, things can get messy.

When the dust has settled, be sure to pick up Varaol's Boots, a decent set of boots with ice and lightning defense. Head back to the west end of camp, where you can now force open the chest. Inside is the captive, in bad shape but decent humor. Roger Leafstrike is his name, and was kidnapped by one of his father's rival, since he is a noble in New Garand's court. Your reward is the gems Varaol was carrying and 500 experience. Roger is able to make his way back alone, and you should follow suite.

Back in New Garand, speak once more with Waters, who will commend you for heroic deeds. He will forever speak highly of you and won't stop until everyone in the city knows how brave you are, thus increasing your reputation in Varsilia.


Quest Rewards

Free hostage:



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