Outstanding Apprentice

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Side Quest: Outstanding Apprentice
Outstanding Apprentice.png
Starting Location
Iron Enclave
Given By
Return ring:
Spectral Cloak ♦ 600 XP (900 with Intellect check)
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Outstanding Apprentice is a quest given to you by Dartos at Iron Enclave.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 43 - Completable

One day, a little over a year ago, Dartos' apprentice stole Dartos' Ring of Isolation. The only clue provided to track him down was that he was asked to research regeneration right before he took off.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Dartos about work.
  2. Travel to The Trollfens.
  3. Enter Gurguth Cave.
  4. Fight to the holding pen in the southwest corner.
  5. Recover Dartos' Ring of Isolation from the corpse.
  6. Return to the Iron Enclave.
  7. Decide what to do with the ring.


Iron EnclaveGurguth CaveDartos

Detailed Walkthrough

In the Iron Valley, you will find the Iron Enclave, a part of the Wizard's Guild. Dartos, the wizard stationed here, will tell you of his worthless apprentice if you ask about work. Apparently, a year ago the young man stole a valuable ring from the enclave and disappeared. Not sure it is of any use to you, Dartos tells you the apprentice was asked to study regeneration before he vanished. A successful Intelligence 2 check will give a bonus dialogue option. If you manage to hunt him down and return the ring, Dartos will give you a magical cloak.

The tip about regeneration is more than a small clue. As you may or may not have already experienced, there is one particular enemy famous for ability to regenerate. If you don't know its Trolls. Trolls will regenerate unless killed with Fire. The logical place to begin our search is The Trollfens. Head east out of the Iron Valley and then south once in the South Jabal Hills. You will then enter the fens. If this is your first time dealing with Trolls, be sure you have the ability to do fire damage. Your best bet is strong fire-based weapons for both you and your companion. This is also a long trip, and Trolls are very strong Warrior-class enemies, so be prepared with potions and a scroll of recall for a quick, easy escape.

Once in The Trollfens, navigate your way to the western side of the zone, then south across a bridge. As you go, move slowly and draw enemies to you to avoid getting swarmed by 2-3 trolls. Once across the bridge, you will encounter Elder Trolls, stronger than normal Trolls, and a Troll Shaman, capable of firing lighting bolts and casting heal. Always go after them first when possible. South you will find an entrance to a dungeon, Gurguth Cave.

You will immediately be attacked by a Troll, so be ready. Depending on your level, you are probably hurting pretty badly by now. Our objective lies in the Northwest corner and you can bet there are a lot of trolls between here and there. In the main hall, ignore the first turn south and take the second. This path allows you to avoid a nasty Enraged Troll (Carries Ruined Gauntlets of Might), whom you should challenge on a different trip down here. Continue south until it dead ends, then go west. There are a good number of trolls in this large area, so draw them out one at time for safety. Clear a path along the southern wall and head North when you can.

Here you will find a pen, full of Swamp Scavengers, bones and corpses. One of these corpses is the apprentice. Take Dartos' Ring of Isolation off his body and head back out to the fens along the same path you came. If you use a scroll of recall, you will teleport to back to the Sydarun Oasis encampmemt, after which you can make the easy travel by foot back to the Enclave. However you manage, return to Dartos.

When you return, Dartos will be relieved and reward you with the Spectral Cloak. As usual, you will also gain experience and reputation. If you are able to pass a Level 1 Intellect check, you receive additional experience and reputation.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 1DartosIron Enclave Needed for grasping the allusion to regeneration and updating your quest log accordingly.
Decisive.png Intellect 1DartosIron Enclave Mandatory to explain Khadar's true motives to Dartos, thus additionally receiving 300 XP and +3 reputation with the Wizard's Guild.

Quest Rewards

Return ring:



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  • Swamp Scavengers will continue to spawn in the pen where you find the ring.
  • Dartos' Ring of Isolation has excellent shock resistance and can be very useful. If you'd like to use it yourself, simply postpone completing the quest.