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There are numerous secrets - doors and traps - to be found hidden throughout the lands and dungeons of the Exiled Kingdoms. Secret doors often lead to valuable treasures, dangerous creatures guarding them, and sometimes plot or quest advancement. Traps in the Exiled Kingdoms are deadly and can kill even the hardiest adventurers.

Detecting Secrets Passively

Each character (player or active companion) has a passive check for secret doors and traps. The check has a limited range of 5 meters and occurs every 3 seconds. The percentile chance of detecting secrets called Perception. It is based on:

Detecting Secrets Actively

There is a Skill that detects secrets called Thelume's Wisdom and a Scroll that copies the level-one effect of it (Scroll of Detection).

Magical detection has a set percentile of Perception (see the relevant skill and item). The radius is very large however only one check is made as the spell is cast. If there is a secret door (not traps) within the radius that it DOESN'T find then the combat log notes a still-hidden secret door (it is written in Blue text).

How Perception & Detection Work

Each secret (door or trap) has a "level" that corresponds similarly to a character's level.

There is a ±3% bonus/malus applied to Perception per level difference. This bonus is capped at +15% if the character's level is above that of the secret; and there is no such cap in the negative direction. This means some high-level secrets cannot be detected by low level characters without magical assistance (and even then the odds of successful detection may be low).

Once a secret door is detected and opened you don't have to find it again provided you made it out of the dungeon alive. Traps re-spawn and re-hide.


Detecting secrets is an essential part of the game. If a player's Perception is low due to not wishing to invest in the relevant traits and skills then some steps can be taken:

Unfortunately the detection equipment (armor and orbs) have such a low bonus is rarely worth considering them for the Detection bonus alone.

Secret Locations

The following table provides an overview on the various areas in which secret doors can be found.

Area Number of Secrets
Abandoned Smuggler Hideout 1
Abandoned Tower 1
Abbey of Saint Admus 3
Ark of Lothasan 1
Ark of Lothasan (Reactor) 4
Ark of Lothasan (Upper Deck) 4
Askatir Mine 1
Azagul Tomb 3
Bandit Hideout 1
Bappasalar Cave 2
Bloodpaw Cave 1
Castle Bluerock 7
Castle Storme 1
Cave of Echoes 2
City of the Ancients 2
Desecrated Ruins 3
Forbidden Pit 1
Forgotten Temple 2
Golden Cove Bank 2
Gurguth Cave 2
Haunted Galleries 2
Hellish Cave 1
Icemist Underlevels 3
Imperial Fortress 3
Irazur Tomb 3
Jabal Grotto 2
Kleyou Tomb 2
Kurgua Cave 1
Mausoleum 2
Maze of Lamth 3
Maze of Lamth (Level 2) 4
Mercian Royal Crypt 4
Nayau Tomb 2
New Garand Sewers 2
Sewer of Horrors 3
Sunken Citadel 12
Temple of Blood 4
Temple of the Sleepers 3
The Deep Cauldron 1
The Grey Library 2
The Undergrove 1
Urzuganar Lair 1
Ydaya Tomb 2
Total Number of Secrets 107