Potion of Clarity

Potion of Clarity
Grants a +30 bonus to Spirit Resistance for 30 seconds. Good protection from stun and paralysis!
― In-game text


A rare potion that temporarily provides protection against stun/paralysis which is very useful when combatting monsters that use this affect, including Carrion Eaters and Devourers. Certain bosses, such as the Lich and The Undermother (when unweakened) also use this affect.

To obtain more of this potion you must craft it by bringing 3 Tesur flowers to Jachimo.

This is a Crafted item, obtainable as a rare drop or by the player interacting with certain NPCs.




Group Stackable Value CostEffectEffect AmountDuration/Range
Potion 75 300Resist Spirit3030 Seconds