Potion of Heroism

Potion of Heroism
Heals 50hp, and adds +3 melee damage and +6 armor for 12 seconds.
― In-game text


Mallow crafts this potion from 2 Sabercat Eyes, a Red Orchid and 200 gold. It provides a sudden boost to the consumer's strength and defense while also healing them. A great multipurpose potion.

This is a Crafted item, obtainable as a rare drop or by the player interacting with certain NPCs.




Group Stackable Value CostEffectEffect AmountDuration/Range
Potion 50 200Add HP, Armor, Melee Damage+60 HP, +6 Armor, +3 Attack12 seconds


  • Melee damage and armor bonus will replace any other melee/armor bonuses from active potions.