Potion of Invisibility

Potion of Invisibility
Makes you invisible for 12 seconds.
― In-game text


Background needed

This is a Common item, a frequent drop or obtainable from merchants.



No known associated quests


Group Stackable Value CostEffectDuration/Range
Potion 87 350Gain Invis12 Seconds


As the protagonist in Exiled Kingdoms, you're used to the fact that every time you walk into a room, the bad guys want to hone in on you and kill you. The invisibility potion will very briefly you turn you invisible, so that many enemies will not be able to detect you. But be forewarned: you may find that some enemies will be able to hear you as you try to sneak on by. Also note that if you're going to use invisibility potions, you may find it helpful to carry more than 1 one around with you, since the effects of a single potion wear off fairly quickly.