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Qst # Name Starting Location Given by Completable Primary Rewards & Reputation
59 ... and the Abyss Gazed Back.png ... and the Abyss Gazed Back New Anthur (City) Brother Iagus Yes Kill Duremas:

Iagus' Ring of LearningBlessed Platemail LeggingsDespair ♦ 1500 XP

The Three +5

Further outcomes available...
14 A Fair Deal.png A Fair Deal Kingsbridge (City) Janod Maybe Give Janod items:

Cloak of the Wolf ♦ 300 XP

Thuram +2 ♦ Wizard's Guild +2
92 A Hard Bargainer.png A Hard Bargainer City of the Ancients Golem Trader Yes Trade the Lifestone with the Golem Trader
Vial of the Iron Guardian ♦ 2,500 XP
17 A Key to the Past.png A Key to the Past Magistrate Steinz's House completing A Mysterious Letter Yes Completing the research with Rur'azar:

300 XP

Further outcomes available...
33 A Mad Wizard.png A Mad Wizard Kingsbridge (City) Janod Adverse Return The Orb of Shadows:

600 XP

Thuram +40 ♦ Wizard's Guild +40 ♦ (Beating the beast) Seventh House +5

Further outcomes available...
4 A Mysterious Letter.png A Mysterious Letter A Forest Road starting a new game Yes Claim Inheritance:
Mysterious Key ♦ 200 XP
28 A Safe Bet.png A Safe Bet Rhöneis Plains Therod Nom Yes Return Minotaur Horn:
Lionskin Cuirass ♦ 350 XP
11 A Warrior's Honor.png A Warrior's Honor Northern Bluemist River Grissenda Yes Return the ring:

Grissenda joins as a Companion ♦ Azaph's Ring of Elements

Varsilia +3

Further outcomes available...
40 A Web of Terror.png A Web of Terror South Jabal Hills Centurion Kanum Yes Defeat Lady Xidar:

2500 XP ♦ Potion of Greater HealingTiara of the HeavensBlack Shard

Further outcomes available...
35 A Wild Mystery.png A Wild Mystery Northern Bluemist River Nisor Yes Kill Varannari Druid (Rhonata Cave):
Amulet of WildernessSteel LongswordSmall RubySmall EmeraldScroll of DetectionScroll of Recall
30 An Easy Job.png An Easy Job Sagar Enclave Dansul Yes Turn in 2 Merple:

Mystic Ring ♦ 300 XP

Wizard's Guild +2
25 An Initiate's End.png An Initiate's End Kingsbridge (City) Sister Arta Yes If Cleric:

Silvery Mace ♦ 140 XP

The Three +4

Further outcomes available...
51 An Odd Couple.png An Odd Couple Zamohr Mountains Renda Windstrike Maybe Kill Primzar

Ancient Tolassian Tome (Dropped)

Further outcomes available...
54 Ancient Verses.png Ancient Verses Castle Bluerock statue Yes Turn in 2 Rubies:

200 XP

Further outcomes available...
88 Become the Champion!.png Become the Champion! Freetown (City) Tribune Geleb Yes Win all the fights:

17,000 Gold (accumulative)

Mercia +23 (accumulative)
47 Bullfighting.png Bullfighting New Garand (City) Sergeant Daukar Yes Defeat Minotaurs:

Ability to join Warrior's GuildSteel Shield ♦ 500 gold ♦ 500 XP

Warrior's Guild +6
89 Call of the Blood.png Call of the Blood Random Encounter in Varsilia Messenger Maybe Save Eirenda
Grissenda becomes capable of learning Advanced Skills ♦ Grissenda gains 3 trait points and 3 skill points ♦ Maul of DiseaseScimitar of the WolfAncient Tolassian Tome
96 Cold Trail.png Cold Trail Solliga (City) Captain Sorom Yes

3,000 Gold ♦ 4,000 XP ♦ Gain access to Arcane Knight skills at Icemist.

Solliga +10 ♦ Thuram +5 ♦ Wizard's Guild +4
12 Coyote Hunt.png Coyote Hunt Rhöneis (City) Captain Teara Yes Take the reward:

Choice of: Steel Longsword | Small Emerald ♦ 240 XP

Rhöneis (City) +3 ♦ Ilmara +3

Further outcomes available...
27 Dark Matters.png Dark Matters New Garand (City) Brother Gabriel Yes Peace restored:

Nivarian Cloak ♦ 300 gold

Varsilia +3 ♦ The Three +2
76 Defending the Outpost.png Defending the Outpost The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) Sergeant Morg Yes Speak to Sergeant Morg after defeating Ahroun, the werewolf leader.

The ability to learn Infantry Training and Body Development (if you are not already a member of the guild).

Further outcomes available...
8 Don't Shoot the Messenger.png Don't Shoot the Messenger Kingsbridge (City) Rolf Ehrar Adverse Spare Rolf:

Lesser Ring of Death Ward ♦ 150 XP

Seventh House +3

Further outcomes available...
41 Dubious Poetry.png Dubious Poetry Jabal Grotto Love Letters from Lady Leanna Yes Extort 5,000 gold:

Assault by 3 Assassins

Mercia -2

Further outcomes available...
55 Easy as Pie.png Easy as Pie Freetown (City) Ronaëf Yes Turn in 3 Golden Apples:

Potion of Lesser Restoration ♦ 1200 XP

Mercia +2
75 Exotic Substances.png Exotic Substances Friguld Kalis Yes Return the ingredients to Kalis
700 XP ♦ Potion of Greater HealingJungle Boots
67 Eye of the Tiger.png Eye of the Tiger Nivarian Mallow Yes Turn in ingredients:

Potion of Heroism ♦ 400 XP ♦ Mallow will make the Potion of Heroism for you

Further outcomes available...
94 Father of Wolves.png Father of Wolves Elder Forest Three Claws Maybe

Hunter's Machete ♦ 2,000 XP

Varannari +5
7 Find Constanze.png Find Constanze Kingsbridge (City) Margerithe Yes Free Constanze:

Margerithe opens her shop ♦ Choice of: Shortsword of Frost | Ring of the Elements ♦ 300 XP

Kingsbridge (City) +7 ♦ Varsilia +3
24 Flesh is Weak.png Flesh is Weak Lannegar (City) Brother Janus Yes Turn in 3 Zombie Flesh:

Potion of Light Healing ♦ 70 XP

The Three +2
6 Forgotten Lore.png Forgotten Lore Lannegar Valley Anton Gerdt Yes Find Hendrick's Journal:

200 Gold

Royal Loreseekers +3

Further outcomes available...
38 Fort Assault.png Fort Assault Kingsbridge (City) Sergeant Dumek Yes Defeat warlord:
Access to Warrior's Guild ♦ Choice of: Ring of Health | Arcane Pendant | Magma Shortsword | Breastplate of the Forge ♦ 2000 Gold
5 Gather Ingredients.png Gather Ingredients Lannegar (City) Alchemist Markus Yes Turn in Blue Orchid:

40 gold ♦ 40 XP

Further outcomes available...
1 Goblin Hunt.png Goblin Hunt Lannegar (City) Captain Whitewater Yes Kill 5 Goblins:

Potion of Light Healing ♦ 25 gold ♦ 80 XP

Lannegar (City) +3 ♦ Varsilia +1
3 Head Hunting.png Head Hunting Lannegar (City) Captain Whitewater Yes Deliver the head:

Sword of Shock ♦ 200 XP

Lannegar (City) +6 ♦ Varsilia +3
63 Honor among Thieves.png Honor among Thieves The Seventh House (Freetown) Rolf Ehrar Maybe Help the thugs kill Rolf:

Ruby Key with number 2 ♦ 500 XP

Further outcomes available...
73 Human Resources.png Human Resources Eastern Inori Jarbad Yes Kill Jarbad the slaver, freeing the Varannari

600 XP

Varannari +8

Further outcomes available...
9 Hunting Bugs!.png Hunting Bugs! Northern Bluemist River Sheryl Yes Destroy the nest:
200 gold ♦ 200 XP
13 I Am the Best Hunter in the World....png I Am the Best Hunter in the World... South Sagar Forest Deep-Shadow Yes Return with pelt:

Small Sapphire ♦ 80 XP

Varannari +3
31 Important Research.png Important Research Inori Enclave Couk Yes Turn in 3 Living Ice:

Mystic Vest ♦ 400 XP

Wizard's Guild +3
93 Last of the Legion.png Last of the Legion Varann Woodland Centurion Hyartis Yes Help the Varannari to get rid of the Mercian soldiers:

Hunter's ArmorLegion Breastplate & Legion Leggings (dropped by Centurion Hyartis) ♦ 1,500 XP

Varannari +10

Further outcomes available...
91 Like Father, Like Son.png Like Father, Like Son Solliga (City) Azeran Yes Defeat Azeran:

Purple Medallion ♦ 2,500 XP

Thuram +3 ♦ Wizard's Guild +3

Further outcomes available...
64 Lost in a Good Book.png Lost in a Good Book Freetown (City) Arkados the Blind Yes Retrieve the Winter Rations:

1500 XP (700 from Glunk, 800 from Arkados the Blind) ♦ 500 gold

Seventh House + 3

Further outcomes available...
23 Message in a Bottle.png Message in a Bottle New Garand (City) Waters Yes Free hostage:

Varaol's BootsEmeraldSmall DiamondSapphire ♦ 500 XP

Varsilia +3
57 Mightier than the Sword.png Mightier than the Sword Mercian Royal Crypt Ghostly Scribe Yes Return quill and ask for reward:

1400 XP ♦ Sentient Ring

Further outcomes available...
84 Lady of the Night.png Lady of the Night Icemist (City) Captain Torden Yes Give the heart to Lady of the Night:

Amulet of Dark Whispers ♦ 5,000 XP

Further outcomes available...
43 Outstanding Apprentice.png Outstanding Apprentice Iron Enclave Dartos Yes Return ring:

Spectral Cloak ♦ 600 XP (900 with Intellect check)

Wizard's Guild +2 (+5 with Intellect check)
95 Path of the Deer.png Path of the Deer Elder Forest Laughing Deer Maybe Cleanse the Dark Pool and offer Forest Lament to Laughing Deer:

Ancestral Blade of the Deer ♦ 5.000 XP

Varannari +10

Further outcomes available...
10 Prisoner of Orcs.png Prisoner of Orcs Southern Bluemist River Usham Arok Yes Rescue Niur:

Amulet of the Forest ♦ 500 XP

Varannari +4 ♦ Varsilia +2
81 Probably the Best Potion in the World.png Probably the Best Potion in the World Whitetower (City) Brewer Tonel Yes Turn in 2 Chunks of Fat and 1 Merple:
600xp, 2 bottle of Whitetower Special
49 Restoring the Faith.png Restoring the Faith Great Inori Hirge Yes Return medallion:

Hirge joins as a Companion ♦ Ilmaran Signet Ring ♦ 700 XP

The Three +7
42 Safe Passage.png Safe Passage Sydarun Oasis Liserpix Yes Accept 500 gold:

500 gold ♦ 500 XP

Mercia +1

Further outcomes available...
34 Sand Vermin.png Sand Vermin Sydarun (City) Praetor Jenard Yes Destroy the nests:

Oasis Ring ♦ 500 XP

Sydarun (City) +5 ♦ Mercia +2
65 Secrets of the Dead.png Secrets of the Dead The Grey Library / The Great Library Conjurer (Golden Hand) / Gebadi Yes Per book turned into the Golden Hand:

200 XP ♦ 1000 gold

Golden Hand +3 ♦ Royal Loreseekers -1

Further outcomes available...
26 Shaking Bones.png Shaking Bones Rhöneis (City) Brother Gudazar Yes Turn in 12 Skulls:

Lesser Shield of Life ♦ 220 XP

The Three +4 ♦ Rhöneis (City) +3
60 Shielding the Mind.png Shielding the Mind New Anthur (City) Jachimo Yes Turn in 3 Tesur flowers:

Potion of Clarity

Further outcomes available...
36 Smugglers in the Night.png Smugglers in the Night New Garand Sewers Kardagis Yes Talk Rodo back into the fold and forget his previous due payments:

1100 XP (500 from Rodo, 600 from Kardagis) ♦ 1000 gold (500 from Rodo)

Seventh House + 10

Further outcomes available...
18 Spicing Things Up.png Spicing Things Up New Garand (City) Fritha Rhayader Yes Side with Fritha:

500 gold

Golden Hand -5 ♦ Varsilia +3

Further outcomes available...
22 Spiders' Sack.png Spiders' Sack New Garand (City) Gilmour Yes Take the money:

400 gold ♦ 350 XP

Varsilia +1

Further outcomes available...
69 Stopping Prejudice.png Stopping Prejudice Great Plains Enclave Barahid Yes Turn in My Little Vorator, by Terezza

1400 XP ♦ 1000 Gold ♦ Ring of Mentalism

Wizard's Guild +4
83 Swine Trouble.png Swine Trouble Whitetower (City) Mifadis Yes 1. Lie to Mifadis and let Rosy go

500 experience, 1 Emerald, 1 Small Diamond, 1 Ruby.

Further outcomes available...
86 The Ancient Seal.png The Ancient Seal Sanctuary Peak Hirge Yes Defeat Brother Tarlus and return to Mantros:

Hirge becomes capable of learning Advanced Skills ♦ Spirit BreakerPotion of Epic Death Ward

Ilmara +3 ♦ The Three +3
68 The Ark of Lothasan.png The Ark of Lothasan Tower of Tremadan Ghostly Figure Yes

61,500 XP ♦

Further outcomes available...
37 The Best Plan.png The Best Plan Kingsbridge (City) Sergeant Dumek Yes Turn in Orc Battle Plans:

250 gold

Warrior's Guild +3 ♦ Kingsbridge (City) +2
72 The Collectionist.png The Collectionist Nivarian Sage Amaryl Yes Ancient Idol 1 Turn in

400 XP ♦ 500 Gold

Further outcomes available...
70 The Cursed Abbey.png The Cursed Abbey Fögas Forest Sister Genta Yes Kill The Abbot

The Abbot's Ring (Dropped) ♦ Ancient Tolassian Tome (Dropped)

Further outcomes available...
32 The Dead God.png The Dead God Kleyou Tomb Reading a book Yes Turn in to Bishop Bareid

Bishop Ring ♦ 3000 XP

The Three +8 ♦ Ilmara +5

Further outcomes available...
56 The Lost Coven.png The Lost Coven The Great Library Tangir Yes Turn in Journal of Jorgus the Red:

Iron Will Mantle ♦ 1400 XP

Varsilia +3 ♦ Royal Loreseekers +3
2 The Lost Explorer.png The Lost Explorer Lannegar (City) Captain Whitewater Yes Return Teram to town:

Potion of Light Healing ♦ 100 gold ♦ 140 XP

Lannegar (City) +4 ♦ Varsilia +2
78 The Lost Kingdom.png The Lost Kingdom Maze of Lamth (Level 2) King M'dmoo Yes Return the Crown to King M'dmoo:
Choice of: Axe of the Minotaur Kings | Cloak of Might ♦ 5,000 XP
45 The Master's Laboratory.png The Master's Laboratory Tower of Tremadan interacting with laboratory doors Yes
Bag of Holding
79 The Mathrisian Codex.png The Mathrisian Codex Southern Dragon Mountains Derina Gasham Yes Return the Codex:

3,000 Gold ♦ 6,000 XP

Varsilia +5 ♦ Mercia +5 ♦ Ilmara +5 ♦ Thuram +5 ♦ Royal Loreseekers +5
82 The Missing Missionary.png The Missing Missionary Icemist (City) Brother De Frere Yes Bring Brother Ladan's Holy Symbol to Brother De Frere:

Brother Ladan's Holy Symbol, Glacier Stone, 1 500 XP

The Three +4
71 The Moon Children.png The Moon Children Nivarian Brother Palver Yes Return Sister Calvin's Holy Symbol

Flaming Warhammer or Mist Hunter's Bow ♦ 1500 XP

Ilmara +3 ♦ The Three +2
77 The Orbs of Galade.png The Orbs of Galade Maze of Lamth (Level 2) High Priestess Br'mee Yes Return the Orbs to the Priestess:
2,000 Gold ♦ 2,000 XP, Emerald Turn-ins ♦ ringcrafting (Holiness or Bull)
61 The Poisoned River.png The Poisoned River New Anthur (City) Captain Demetrius Yes Stop river poisoning:

Choice of: Maul of Garrak | Ironfoot Boots ♦ 2600 XP

New Anthur (City) +6 ♦ Varsilia +4
21 The Price of Freedom.png The Price of Freedom Jabal (City) Praetor Silena Maybe Convince the Varannari Hunters that Mercia is too powerful:

500 XP

Jabal +3 ♦ Mercia +3

Further outcomes available...
80 The Primal Forge.png The Primal Forge Bappasalar Cave Stridsibum Yes Retrieve the Ancient Smithy Hammer:

3,000 XP ♦ Stridsibum forges Adamantite weapons for you

Further outcomes available...
62 The Princess of the Sea.png The Princess of the Sea Steel Coast Princess Elleira Yes Return pendant to Princess Elleira:

800 XP

Further outcomes available...
52 The Prisoners' Dilemma.png The Prisoners' Dilemma Freetown (City) Eirama Yes Return Zenmo back to Freetown:

1000 gold ♦ 1000 XP

Mercia +2

Further outcomes available...
46 The Prodigal Daughter.png The Prodigal Daughter Deepburrow Cave The Undermother Yes Kill The Undermother

The Undermother's HideBlack ShardRumor Boss loot ♦ 5000 XP

Further outcomes available...
66 The Restless Dead.png The Restless Dead Freetown (City) Sergeant Toel Yes Sir Morfados at peace:

Sergeant Toel can teach you Battle Rage and Bloodlust (if you are not already a member of the guild) ♦ 2000 Gold ♦ 1200 XP (300 XP for placing the remains, 900 XP from Sergeant Toel)

+5 Warrior's Guild
87 The Sacred Weapons.png The Sacred Weapons Lamis Red Moon Yes Give the Spirit Breaker:

4000 XP ♦ Hunter's Leggings (However, you lose the sacred weapon you found: Spirit Breaker).

Ilmara +4 ♦ Lamis +10 ♦ Varannari +3

Further outcomes available...
15 The Seed of Trust.png The Seed of Trust Lannegar (City) Rodney Yes Threaten to keep the seed or pass Awareness check:

250 gold ♦ 120 XP

Varsilia + 1 ♦ Lannegar (City) +2

Further outcomes available...
85 The Sewer of Horrors.png The Sewer of Horrors Icemist (City) Folcarad Whitestorm Yes Killing Saradan the Fire Lord:

2,550 XP

Thuram +5

Further outcomes available...
44 The Shards of Fate.png The Shards of Fate Tower of Tremadan A Ghostly Figure Yes For each Black Shard placed into the mirror:


Further outcomes available...
74 The Snake Gang.png The Snake Gang Friguld Captain or Chancellor Malard or Cadul Yes Kill Zilda:

1,000 XP ♦ Choice of: 3,000 Gold OR 1,500 Gold and Black ShardLightning Falchion of Defense (dropped by Zilda)

Friguld Governor +20

Further outcomes available...
97 The Temple of the Sleepers.png The Temple of the Sleepers City of the Ancients Golem Trader Yes
Fiendish Dagger ♦ 10,000 XP
58 The World is a Stage.png The World is a Stage New Anthur (City) Cordelia Yes Save Laertes:

Icicle ♦ 900 XP

Varsilia +3 ♦ New Anthur (City) +3

Further outcomes available...
39 Thick Skin.png Thick Skin Jabal (City) Bregos Greyhand Yes Turn in 3 Troll Hides:

Choice of: Trollskin Boots | Trollskin Cap | Trollskin Gauntlets ♦ 600 XP

Jabal (City) +2 ♦ Mercia +2
48 Those in Need.png Those in Need Mount Storme Radaim Yes Raegar joins the village:

Half-Moon Medallion ♦ 500 XP

Varsilia +5

Further outcomes available...
50 Three versus Eleven.png Three versus Eleven New Garand (City) Hirge Yes Turn in 3 petitions:

Ability to join Cleric's Guild ♦ Choice of: Blessed Platemail Boots | Ring of Health | Shield of Life

The Three +10
90 Trial and Error.png Trial and Error Random Encounters Beggar Yes Free Bagadar:

Adaon becomes capable of learning Advanced Skills ♦ Silver Bow of MalanPurple DiamondGold Ingot x4 ♦ Staff of WondersTome of Lost Wisdom ♦ 10,000 XP (from Telescope)

Port Malan +4 ♦ Varsilia +4
53 Turning the Scales.png Turning the Scales Freetown Rolgam Yes Turn in 5 Fire Drake Scales:

Choice of: Red Leather Buckler | Red Leather Shield ♦ 1000 XP

Mercia +3
20 Welcome to the House.png Welcome to the House New Garand Sewers an ancient statue Yes Gained entry:

Access to Seventh House ♦ 600 XP

Seventh House +8
19 Where Did I Put My Sword....png Where Did I Put My Sword... New Garand (City) Sir Andrew Mason Yes Return sword:
600 gold ♦ 400 XP
16 Where is Amarisa?.png Where is Amarisa? Unknown Dungeon Amarisa Yes Researching Amarisa and the Forsaken:
300 XP
29 Where is Giles.png Where is Giles New Garand (City) Latimer Yes Tell the truth to Latimer:

600 gold ♦ 900 XP

Varsilia +4

Further outcomes available...