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A Forest Road

A Small Islet

Abandoned Smuggler Hideout

Abandoned Tower

Abbey of Saint Admus

Ark of Lothasan

Ark of Lothasan (Reactor)

Ark of Lothasan (Upper Deck)

Ashen Cape

Ashen Wastes

No Quests located here

Askatir Mine

Azagul Tomb

Bandit Hideout

Backwoods Coven

No Quests located here

Bappasalar Cave

Bloodpaw Cave

No Quests located here

Castle Bluerock

Castle Storme

Cave of Echoes

City of the Ancients

Crimson Hills


Deepburrow Cave

Deepfrost Glacier

Deepsands Cave

Desecrated Ruins

Dragon Coast

Eastern Inori

Eastern Korne

Eastern Wyvern Mountains

Elder Forest

Elemental Plane of Fire

Emerald Valley

No Quests located here

Fögas (City)

Fögas Forest

Forbidden Pit

Forgotten Temple

Forsaken Fortress

Freetown (City)

Freetown Arena

Friguld (City)

Frozen Depths

Golden Cove

Golden Cove Bank

Gorge of the Silent Kings

Gorx Lair

No Quests located here

Governor's Manor

Great Inori

Great Plains

Great Plains Enclave

Greyrune Manor

No Quests located here

Gurguth Cave

Haunted Galleries

Heart of Korne

Hellish Cave

Icemist (City)

Icemist Fjord

Icemist Underlevels

Imperial Coast

Imperial Fortress

Inori Enclave

Irazur Tomb

Iron Enclave

Iron Valley

Iross Highlands

Jabal (City)

Jabal Grotto


Kingsbridge (City)

Kleyou Tomb

Kurgua Cave

Lambar Cave

Lamis (City)

Lannegar (City)

Lannegar Mine

Lannegar Valley

Magistrate Steinz's House


Maze of Lamth

No Quests located here

Maze of Lamth (Level 2)

Mercian Royal Crypt

Merdxan Cave

Mount Orogg

No Quests located here

Mount Storme

Nayau Tomb

Nekhar Valley

New Anthur (City)

New Anthur Bay

No Quests located here

New Garand (City)

New Garand Farmlands

New Garand House

No Quests located here

New Garand Sewers

New Garand's Temple

Nilomar Cape

No Quests located here

Nilorth Cave

Nivar Wetlands

No Quests located here

Nivarian (City)

Nivarian House

  • None

North Jabal Hills

North Sagar Forest

Northern Bluemist River

Northern Inori

Northwest Sagar Forest

No Quests located here

Port Malan (City)

No Quests located here

Rhonata Cave

Rhöneis (City)

Rhöneis Plains

No Quests located here

Royal Castle Yard

Sagar Enclave

Sanctuary of Irossia

Sanctuary Peak

Sewer of Horrors

Solliga (City)

Solligan Stripe

No Quests located here

South Jabal Hills

South Sagar Forest

Southern Bluemist River

Southern Dragon Mountains

Steel Coast

Sunken Citadel

Sydarun (City)

Sydarun Oasis

Temple of Blood

Temple of the Sleepers

The Deep Cauldron

The Flame Pits

The Great Library

The Grey Library

The Hall of Wisdom

The Observatory

The Seventh House (Freetown)

The Seventh House (New Garand Sewers)

The Trollfens

No Quests located here

The Undergrove

The Warrior's Guild (Freetown)

The Warrior's Guild (New Garand)

The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)

Thyr Ridges

No Quests located here

Tower of Tremadan

Unknown Dungeon

Urzuganar Lair

Varann Woodland

Western Korne

White Plains

No Quests located here

Whitetower (City)

Whitetower Valley

Wyvern Mountains

Wyverntail Complex

Wyverntail Valley

No Quests located here

Xialdar Cave

Ydaya Tomb

Zamohr Mountains