Random Encounters

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This page will host the various random encounters you may find in your travels throughout the Isle of Varannar. There are multiple spawn points on most maps, and what you will find as you explore will be different most times you travel.

Travelling Merchants

Non-Combative Encounters

Combative Encounters

Combat Decided Based on Your Choices Encounters

Rumor Bosses

Rumor Bosses start occurring once your character has reached a certain Level (the level requirement is indicated in parentheses in the list below). By drinking at taverns you can learn about there whereabouts (each successful gossip will reveal more details) and the time remaining to find them. Note that Rumor Bosses do appear irrespective of you knowing about them or not, so you may run into them by chance.


Random encounters are most frequently found on roads between cities.

The road from Rhöneis to Nivarian always has two random encounters, so if you are looking for a specific random encounter or want to boost your reputation with Varsilia by defeating the Vigilant Knight, follow this road, sleep in one town, then go the other way and sleep again.