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Types of Resistances

Resistances represent your ability to withstand certain elemental attacks. Since six different types of such non-physical attacks exist in the game, there are six corresponding types of resistances:

  • Fire.png - Resistance against Fire
  • Cold.png - Resistance against Cold
  • Shock.png - Resistance against Shock
  • Death.png - Resistance against Death
  • Poison.png - Resistance against Poison
  • Holy.png - Spirit resistance (aka Mental Shielding)

The first five resistances behave in very much the same way, providing a percental reduction of the damage inflicted by the respective element. The last one, Spirit resistance, is a bit special. It represents the general ability to resist certain mental assaults, from which only Stun (not being able to move) and Paralysis (not being able to move for a very long time) are currently implemented in the game. More nasty attacks on the character's mind may be introduced in future releases and will also be covered by Spirit resistance.

The Meaning of Resistance Values

One may be tempted to take the resistance values displayed in the Character Sheet for pure percentages that reduce the corresponding damage. This however, is misleading, as becomes obvious when a resistance is boosted above 100 and elemental damage is still received. In fact, the resistance values can directly be interpreted as percentages only up to a value of 50. After that, a mechanism kicks in which multiplies every additional point by a penalty factor of 1/2 for values 51 to 80, 1/3 for values 81 to 110, and 1/4 for every value above 110.

Some examples for clarity:

  • Resistance value of 50 - Damage reduction by 50% (half damage)
  • Resistance value of 86 - Damage reduction by 50% + 30%/2 + 6%/3 = 67% (one-third damage)
  • Resistance value of 110 - Damage reduction by 50% + 30%/2 + 30%/3 = 75% (one-quarter damage)
  • Resistance value of 210 - Damage reduction by 50% + 30%/2 + 30%/3 + 100%/4 = 100% (immunity)

Note that when the residual damage is calculated, the final result is rounded to the next-smaller integer value, effectively granting immunity as soon as the damage drops below 1. When wearing specific equipment, it is possible to have negative resistance values. In those cases, the same rules apply, but instead of reducing the damage by a certain percentage, it is effectively enhanced.

Further note that, strictly speaking, the aforementioned is only valid for the first five elemental resistances, where the corresonding damage can directly be reduced/enhanced by a specific amount. As was mentioned above, Spirit resistance is somewhat special and behaves differently, as Stun and Paralysis deal no direct damage (instead, one simply gets beaten to death while hanging out for a while). The percentage value is still calculated as described above, but is now split up into two halves to effectively define three outcomes of each attempt:

  • With a chance of 100%-(your spirit resistance score), one receives the full blow, getting properly stunned/paralyzed. (For example, if you have a 40 spirit resistance score, the odds of this happening are 100-40=60%)
  • With a chance of (your spirit resistance score)/2, one partially resists the effect, getting stunned/paralyzed only half the normal period (i.e. getting only half beaten to death). (For example, if you have a 40 spirit resistance score, the odds of this happening are 40/2=20%)
  • With a chance of (your spirit resistance score)/2, one completely resists the effect and takes no harm. Time for revenge. (For example, if you have a 40 spirit resistance score, the odds of this happening are 40/2=20%)

Enemy Resistances

So far only resistances of the player character have been considered, but most enemies possess some sort of resistance as well. This means that they can absorb a certain percentage of a specific elemental damage (provided one uses a weapon dealing such). Some creatures even get healed from certain elements, so be aware. If green sparkles appear above the enemy at each blow, it's definitely time to grab some other weapon. On the other hand, they may also have weaknesses (expressed through negative resistance values), effectively boosting the damage they receive from a certain elemental attack.

For detailed information on the resistance values of the individual enemies, see the corresponding entries in the Bestiary. For quick in-game information it is recommended to turn on the combat log (Settings -> Display combat log) and have a look at it once in a while (by tapping at the top of the screen, next to the health bar). There, one can not only learn which types of attacks the enemy uses, but also whether the player character's attacks have the desired effect. If it reads something like "6-4=2 (cold)", one probably should switch to a weapon having some effect other than Cold damage. If it instead reads "5+1=6 (fire)", one is on the right track.