Restoring the Faith

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Companion Quest: Restoring the Faith
Restoring the Faith.png
Starting Location
Great Inori
Given By
Return medallion:
Hirge joins as a Companion ♦ Ilmaran Signet Ring ♦ 700 XP
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Restoring the Faith is a quest given to you by Hirge at Great Inori.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 49 - Completable

Hirge, a priestess of the Three, needs help recovering a medallion that would allow them to protect the encampment in the Great Inori desert.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Hirge about her troubles.
  2. Cross the Great Inori.
  3. Enter the old Irazur Tomb.
  4. Solve the trap room.
  5. Retrieve the medallion from the corpse.
  6. Return to Hirge.


Great InoriIrazur TombHirge

Detailed Walkthrough

The Three are attempting to establish an encampment in the Great Inori. A small party was sent first, led by Sir Tamrel, with the task of establishing a camp and protecting it by making it Consecrated ground. This would repel any nearby undead and provide a safe area to launch forays into the undead ruins. When Hirge and her party arrived, they found only zombified remains and an undead army waiting for them. They managed to prevail and set up camp, but it has not been blessed yet and the undead continue to attack. Hirge doesn't have many men left and feels a retreat and complete failure of the mission is at hand. She needs Sir Tamrel's Holy Symbol of the Three medallion in order to perform the Consecration. She asks that you aid her in her time of need by locating the medallion for her.

Head west from the encampment, until you start seeing remains of an ancient structure. Work your way south and west until you can get around the ruins and into the dungeon. Once inside, either side door will lead to a heavily trapped chest. Advance through the western door into an empty room. As you walk across the middle, a trap will spring, trapping you inside and filling the room with toxic gas. If you have an Awareness rating of 2 or more, or Adaon as a companion, you will be able to spot a release lever if you inspect the statue on the northern wall. If not, your only method of escape is through the southern passage. There is a safe area in the southwest corner of this passage. However you escape, you end up in a long hallway littered with Spike Traps. Navigate your path slowly to avoid unnecessary damage. At the end of the hall is a room with three skeletons and four doors. The first doors on the north and south hold a few skeletons, with the southern one having a lootable container as well. The second door on the left holds a Skeletal Champion and a few friends guarding Sir Tamrel's corpse. Deal with them and grab the medallion. Either use a Scroll of Recall or brave all the traps again. If you use a scroll, you will end up in New Garand and have to trek back to the Great Inori but will avoid death by a nasty trap.

Return to Hirge at the encampment. When you give her the medallion, she will perform the Consecration blessing. She then claims she has foreseen your coming and that the Great Thelume told her an adventurer would be the one to decide the fate of humanity. It seems you are this adventurer and she vows to follow you to the end of your journey, helping shield you from the evils of the world. To recruit her as a companion, you will need to seek her out at the altar of The Three in New Garand. You are also rewarded the Ilmaran Signet Ring, a great piece to wear for fire and death resistance.

Quest Rewards

Return medallion:



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  • You will gain an extra bump in reputation with The Three if you willingly take on the task.
  • You must trigger the Poison Trap before the switch will become available. To avoid as much damage as possible, move slowly along the north wall until the trap is sprung, then quickly back towards the statue, opening the dialogue box as quickly as you are able.