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Rhöneis is a small town set on the Bluemist River in Varsilia. A crucial resting stop for travelers heading north, the town survives on trade.




Weaponsmith Terena
Name Cost
Hardened Leather Cuirass 450
Buckler 100
Forest Chain Shirt 2900
Forest Chain Leggings 2400
Forest Chain Guantlets 1500
Steel Dagger 250
Steel Mace 400
Steel Hammer 350
Hunting Bow 650
Vulcan Dagger 500
Blessed Necklace 800
Trader Ronus
Name Cost Description
Potion of Moderate Healing 250 Heals 60HP.
Potion of Ogre Might 100 Will add +3 to mêlée attacks for 20 seconds.
Potion of Invisibility 250 Makes you invisible for 15 seconds.
Potion of Resist Cold 100 Adds 25 points of Cold resistance for 1 minute.
Potion of Death Ward 100 Adds 25 points of Death resistance for 1 minute.

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