Safe Passage

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Side Quest: Safe Passage
Safe Passage.png
Starting Location
Sydarun Oasis
Given By
Accept 500 gold:
500 gold ♦ 500 XP

Extort extra gold:
800 gold ♦ 800 XP

Kill Liserpix
Small RubySmall EmeraldSmall DiamondSmall Sapphire ♦ 515-530 gold

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Safe Passage is a quest given to you by Liserpix at Sydarun Oasis.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 42 - Completable

Liserpix needs a bodyguard to escort her from the Sydarun Oasis encampment to a guard station in the Southern Jabal Hills. She is willing to pay 500 gold for your services.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Liserpix.
  2. Escort her through The Trollfens to Southern Jabal Hills.
  3. Survive the ambush.
  4. Travel to the guard station.
  5. Deal with Liserpix.


Sydarun OasisSouthern Jabal HillsLiserpix

Detailed Walkthrough

You will find Liserpix wandering around near the item shop in the Sydarun (City). She sees that you are well armed and asks if you would be willing to escort her across the wildlands. The job will earn you 500 gold if you can get her safely across The Trollfens and to the outpost in Southern Jabal Hills. If you stick to the road, it should be fairly uneventful.

Pick up the road heading west out of the encampment and head into The Trollfens. Avoid straying from the road, as Liserpix will engage in fights and if she dies the quest is failed. Follow the road north into the next area. Be careful, as the true reason she needs a bodyguard is just up ahead. The road will come to a part where it becomes a more complete paved road and rocks create a gap. Here you will be stopped by an Outlaw Chief trying to take the gold and gems carried by Liserpix. You will now be ambushed by a total of four bandits, with them boxing you in. Support Lisepix with the one that appears next to her, and remember to keep her alive by any means. If she survives, finish heading west to reach the encampment.

Here you will confront her about being misled. If you can pass an Intellect 2 check, you will successfully convince her to pay you extra. Failing in that, you will either have to accept the 500 gold or kill Liserpix. Kill her, and you can loot her body for gold and the gems she was carrying, but also incur a severe reputation hit with Mercia.

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 2LiserpixSouth Jabal Hills Mandatory for extorting the maximum reward of 800 Gold from Liserpix and earning 800 XP. Otherwise you only get 500 Gold and 500 XP.

Quest Rewards

Accept 500 gold:


  • 500 gold
  • 500 XP


Extort extra gold:


  • 800 gold
  • 800 XP


Kill Liserpix



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  • It is possible to avoid the ambush by going north off the road in the Jabal Hills, heading through the lower canyon and coming into the station from the north.
  • It is possible to kill the Bandit Leader before the ambush, the ambush dialogue will start regardless.