Sand Vermin

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Side Quest: Sand Vermin
Sand Vermin.png
Starting Location
Sydarun (City)
Given By
Praetor Jenard
Destroy the nests:
Oasis Ring ♦ 500 XP
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Sand Vermin is a quest given to you by Praetor Jenard at Sydarun (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 34 - Completable

A safe haven in the desert, Sydarun Oasis has come under attack by Mirmeks. Praetor Jenard suspects they have a nest and will reward with a magic ring if you eliminate it.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Praetor Jenard.
  2. Head south of town to Deepsands Cave.
  3. Destroy the three nests within the cave.
  4. Claim your reward from Jenard.


Sydarun (City)Deepsands CavePraetor Jenard

Detailed Walkthrough

In the middle of the Sydarun Oasis is a small village. The leader of the garrison here, Praetor Jenard, keeps the slaves in and the monsters out. He has recently had more trouble with the monsters, as it seems Mirmeks are surrounding the town. Jenard believes this many could only be possible if a nest was nearby. He offers you a magical ring if you can destroy the nest. He informs Mirmeks are weak to poison, information you can use as you see fit.

The cave we are looking for is just a short ways south of town, in the western rocks. After being inside a short bit, you will encounter the first Mirmek nest. Clear out the surrounding bugs, and investigate the nest. You will need to choose to smash it with your weapon, and prepare for a fight or use Scorpion Venom. Smashing the nest causing three Mirmeks to pop out, which you should manage easily. Each nest in the cave must be smashed three times to be destroyed completely. Investigate, smash, and fight two more times and you can move on.

When given a choice of south or west, go south for now. Another nest is in the southwest corner, guarded by a few tougher Mirmeks. When done with them, repeat the process on this nest, only this time the emerging Mirmeks will be slightly tougher. Two down. Head back to the fork, and head west now. As move along the cave, you will begin fighting Fire Mirmeks, who naturally hit with a fire element added. Nest three is tucked away behind some stalagmites. This time there will only be two monsters to appear, but one of them is the fire version. Three nests done and the cave is clear.

Return to Praetor Jenard to finish the quest and get your reward, the Oasis Ring. This is a great ring, one you will probably equip right away. It gives you a trait boost of Endurance +1, so more health. You also gain experience and reputation in both Syduran and Mercia.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Awareness 2Mirmek nestDeepsands Cave Necessary for getting a hint that poison can be used to destroy the nests (only if you don't have any). Not required to actually pour venom into the nests.

Quest Rewards

Destroy the nests:



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  • After smashing a nest once, Mirmeks will continue to pour out slowly after the initial batch. Experience for killing these is nerfed, so avoid damage and work quickly.