Scroll of Recall

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Scroll of Recall
Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.
― In-game text


This is one of the most powerful magic scrolls that can be used by non-magic users. The magic will transport you to the safety of the nearest town. (This, of course, assumes that the nearest town is safe.) You must recite all of the words on the scroll before the magic takes effect. This could be a problem if your character is in a very desperate situation with very little time available. It could also be a problem if your character cannot move due to being a victim of a stun attack or a paralysis attack.

This is a Common item, a frequent drop or obtainable from merchants.



No known associated quests


Group Stackable Value CostEffect
Scroll 70 280Recall


One merchant once offered a guarantee. "Your gold cheerfully refunded if the Scroll of Recall does not work for you in a life-or-death situation." For obvious reasons, no one was able to collect on that guarantee. The merchant disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and no other merchant has since offered the same guarantee.