Shaking Bones

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Side Quest: Shaking Bones
Shaking Bones.png
Starting Location
Rhöneis (City)
Given By
Brother Gudazar
Turn in 12 Skulls:
Lesser Shield of Life ♦ 220 XP
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Shaking Bones is a quest given to you by Brother Gudazar at Rhöneis (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 26 - Completable

The priest has been tasked with creating some defenses from the undead harassing the town. He needs Skulls from reanimated skeletons to complete this task and wants you to gather them.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Brother Gudazar about work.
  2. Kill Skeletons from the Deadwood or Tolassian Tombs.
  3. Receive Lesser Shield of Life as reward.


Rhöneis (City)Rhöneis (City)

Detailed Walkthrough

Brother Gudazar is a priest of The Three in Rhöneis. He can be found at the altar near the eastern entrance to town. He has been asked by Captain Teara to help aid in the defense of the city. The undead have begun leaving their underground tombs and harassing travelers. In order to prepare the necessary potions and charms, he will need the Skulls of reanimated skeletons. He believes 12 will be sufficient for the job.

In order to collect skulls, we are going to need to kill a lot of skeletons. Brother Gudazar recommends either looking in the Deadwood or the tombs through out Varsilia. The Deadwood contains Skeletons, but also numerous ghosts which can be problematic at lower levels. The two tombs closest by are the Kleyou Tomb and Nayau Tomb. Skeletons are more plentiful in Kleyou but Nayua is less challenging. If you have not yet cleared both tombs looking for the ancient libraries that hold Ancient Tolassian Tomes, now is a good time.

When you finally have twelve, return to Gudazar to deliver them. Your reward is a shield that helps against the undead, namely ghosts, experience, and increases to your reputation with The Three and Ilmara.


Quest Rewards

Turn in 12 Skulls:



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